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Mr. Mark Grossenbacher, Principal

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Phone: (941) 240-8590

At Woodland Middle School, we place heavy emphasis on positive relationships and service within our North Port community. In fact, our Vision is to place learning at the center to enable ALL learners to lead a productive, responsible and morally-driven lives. In order to do this, we take time to recognize the dedicated efforts of our students, staff and community members. It is our goal that every student who enters Woodland Middle School has at least one adult, mentor, teacher, club, and/or program who identifies with them each and every day.

 Our school-wide theme for 2023-2024 is Wildcats Have G.R.I.T - Goals, Respect, Integrity and Teamwork. As principal of Woodland Middle School, I emphasize building innovation and success strategies into my interactions with students. Communication centered on growth mindset for all students is a key factor in building an exemplary community. At Woodland Middle School, we take pride in recognizing our diversity where as a school team we work at cultivating each of our students toward academic and moral success. It is our mission to prove that we are always urging out students to achieve at the highest level each and every day. 

Mr. Grossenbacher

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