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What to Expect:

  • Students will learn about computers, Microsoft programs, time management, goal setting, attention to detail, communication and employability skills, and can earn Florida Ready to Work credential.
  • Learn about double-entry accounting principles, recording business transactions, preparation, and analysis of financial statements. Additionally, students will learn about account and transaction analysis, inventory methods and depreciation methods and calculations.
  • Develop skills in processing payroll transactions, records, and tax forms.
  • Gain an understanding in the application of accounting principles to service, merchandising businesses, and accounting for sole proprietorships, partnerships, & corporations.
  • To further their skills, students are given the option to participate in an internship.
  • Students who complete this program are eligible to articulate to State College of FL and receive credit for work they completed in their STC Program.

Upon program completion and meeting eligibility requirements and industry certifications, students may be awarded credits towards an Associates Degree in Business Administration or Accounting by State College of Florida. Students must enroll in SCF within 2 years of their STC program completion.