Program Overview (Learn More...)

What to Expect:

  • Develop various ways to approach and solve problems, think logically, and learn effective programming skills.
  • Learn everything from converting problems into plans to writing code in computer language, to testing and debugging programs.
  • Design software for specific uses and maintain existing programs.
  • Learn about the computer programming industry; planning; management; finance; technical and production skills; underlying principles of technology.
  • Design computer programs.
  • Learn how to create rich user interfaces for desktop and web-based applications.
  • Learn the basics of data structures, including decision making and repetition, as well as more advanced data collection structures like arrays, lists, dictionaries, and other data storage techniques.
  • Gain skills in creating sophisticated web applications and software. Learn how to use object-oriented features to create efficient, reliable code including Inheritance, Encapsulation, Overloading, code re-use, etc., and work with the various types of classes including Interfaces and abstract classes.
  • Work your way through using multi-tier applications, the extraction, displaying, and updating of data working with relational databases.
  • Create ASP.NET web applications that contain multiple web pages and databases as well as become familiar with database-driven reports and web services.
  • Participate in SkillsUSA, the program's career and technical service organization.