STC and SPHS Students earn 14 Medals at SkillsUSA

We’re so proud of our students who participated in SkillsUSA last week! With SEVEN Gold, SIX Silvers, and ONE Bronze, our students represented STC, SPHS, and their Home High School perfectly!

The students that earned gold medals will go on to compete at the SkillsUSA National Conference in June in Atlanta, Georgia.

Check out the full list of winners and participants below!


Florida SkillsUSA State Officers
Chase Petibone (SPHS) and Paige Weaver (SPHS)



Career Pathways - Arts and Communications (HS)
Hannah Fourie (SPHS), Gavin Gillett (SPHS), and Madeline Martinez (SPHS)

Career Pathways - Human Services (PS/HS)
Josh Anatra, Hudson Sloan (SPHS), and Chase Petibone (SPHS)

Interactive Application and Video Game Development (HS)
Michael Combs (SPHS) and Bennett Eckert (SPHS)

Marine Science Technology (HS)
Clayton Russin (RHS)

Pin Design (PS)
Hannah Nichol

Plumbing (HS)
Yong Pena (SHS)

Welding Sculpture (HS)
Jacob Hard (SPHS)



Advertising Design (PS)
Sarah King

Career Pathways - Arts and Communications (HS)
Noah Petibone (SPHS), Parker Redmon (SPHS), and Gabrielle Zerbini (SPHS)

Interactive Application and Video Game Development (HS)
Angelo Carrillo (SPHS) and Chris DeMassa (SPHS)

Marine Science Technology (HS)
Joshua Vanlanduyt (RHS)

Pin Design (PS)
Alejandro Cardona

T-Shirt Design (PS)
Sophia Orellana



Plumbing (PS)
Randall Herrera


Represented STC with pride by demonstrating their CTE skills 

Advertising Design (HS)
Nina Valerianova

Automobile Maintenance and Light Repair (HS)
Drake Campbell (SPHS) and Tyler Oakes

Culinary Arts (HS)
Zavin Lopez (SPHS)

Information Technology Services (HS)
Kyle McCrea (SPHS)

Medical Terminology (HS)
Paige Weaver (SPHS)

Photography (HS)
Emily Morris

Quiz Bowl (HS)
Jordyn Meyers (SPHS), Max Mora, Colton Nazzarese, Rosa Hernandez (SHS), and Courtney Cole (BHS)

T-Shirt Design (HS)
Ashton Fenker

*These students have an invitation to participate in June at the SkillsUSA National Conference in Atlanta GA