Getting His Automotive Fix

From the Observer: June 8, 2023

Michael Rodriguez's career in automotive repair started online when he was inspired by the videos of Christopher Magello, better known as ChrisFix.

On June 1, Rodriguez had the chance to meet Magello during a greeting event in the parking lot of Lowe's on Fruitville Road.

"I've seen him on the screen all the time-now he's in person," he said.

As a result of Magello's step-by-step videos, which make up what is the largest car channel on YouTube at 9.63 million subscribers, Rodriguez was inspired to attend Suncoast Technical College, becoming a technician at Sarasota Ford.

Magello was joined by YouTuber Freddy Hernandez, whose channel on vehicle modification has 2.55 million subscribers.

Magello said he chose to hold the event in Sarasota due to its large car community.