Winner's Corner

March 21st Health and Wellness Fair at STC, North Port

  • Joyce Caplis, Lamarque Elementary: Costa Del Mar sunglasses
  • Krista Nelson, Student Support Services: $50 Amex Gift Card
  • Patricia Switzer, Lamarque Elementary: $50 Amex Gift Card
  • Darlene Rossetti, Woodland Middle School: $50 Publix Gift Card
  • Tricia Slaton, Atwater Elementary: $50 Sunglass Hut Gift Card
  • Cheryl Thinnes, Venice High School: Philips Sonicare Toothbrush
  • Laura Giraldo, Atwater Elementary: Lunchbag and umbrella
  • Amber Wright, Lamarque Elementary: Tervis and towel
  • Tracy Davis, Laurel Nokomis: $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • Robert Lewis, Facilities: Publix Gift Card
  • Rhonda Ellsworth, Heron Creek MS: $20 Chipotle Gift Card
  • Jodie Vaughn, STC-North Port: F45 Training Classes
  • Kathleen Dalton, Atwater Elementary: Backpack and shirt
  • Claudia Mendez-Noonan, Heron Creek MS: Bluetooth Speaker
  • Karie Rawlings, STC - North Port: Skincare Cleanser
  • Amy Abott, Materials Management: Charging Bank and Bluetooth Speaker
  • Margaret Robson, Pupil Support Services: 1-month YouFit membership and shirt
  • Julie Fijas, Woodland MS: 1-month YouFit membership and shirt
  • Crystal Dalton, Pupil Support Services: 1-month YouFit membership and basket
  • Jan Holm, North Port HS: $10 Starbucks Gift Card
  • Maria Smith, STC-North Port: $10 Starbucks Gift Card
  • Jessica Tison, Heron Creek MS: $10 Starbucks Gift Card
  • Maria Valenzuela, Gocio Elementary: $10 Starbucks Gift Card
  • Rafaela Galan-Aguirre, Cranberry Elementary: Wireless Charging Station
  • Sandra Sarakinis, Glenallen Elementary: Thermal Mug

     Vendor Card Drawing

  • Jennifer Johnson, Woodland Middle: AirPods Pro


New Years Wellness Calendar Challenge (Jan/Feb 2022)

  • Anne Hill, Wilkinson Elementary
  • Susan Doyle, Venice Middle School
  • Bonnie Stacy, Sarasota High School


22 Days of Mindfulness Challenge (Nov 2021)

  • Sandra Hopper, Glenallen Elementary
  • Lakedra Barber, Elementary Curriculum
  • Megan Wink, Lakeview Elementary


November 2021 Healthcare Bluebook - "Healthcare Bluebook Trivia":

  • Elizabeth Vance, Lamarque Elementary
  • Taylor Mowery, Brentwood Elementary
  • Amy Blyth, Alta Vista Elementary
  • Thomas Dunk, Sarasota High School


October 15, 2021 Health Screenings at STC, Sarasota

  • Allen Morlock, Sarasota HS: $50 Gift Card Voucher from Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
  • Nam Le, RAE: $50 Gift Card Voucher from Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
  • Dawn Zoerner, STC: $50 Amazon Gift Card from Florida Lakes Vein Center
  • Lori Butters, Information Technology: $25 Columbia Restaurant Gift Card from ABMM Financial
  • Cyndi Pelosi, McIntosh Middle School: $25 Columbia Restaurant Gift Card from ABMM Financial
  • Stephen Rusiecki, Information Technology: Skin Care Gift Basket from DOCS
  • Elizabeth Chambers, McIntosh Middle School: Skin Care Gift Bag from Riverchase Dermatology
  • Tony Abreu, Brookside Middle School: Nautica Frangrance Set from Walgreens
  • Nataliya Goncharuk, STC: Skin Care Set from Walgreens
  • Selma Bidot, HR/Union Control Center: $15 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card from Baacke Insurance
  • Mary Boisclair, Wilkinson/FNS: $15 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card from Baacke Insurance


April 2021 Wellnes Calendar Challenge:

  • Nadia Sawa, Sarasota Middle School
  • Kimberly Forchetti, Fruitville Elementary School


April 2021 Healthcare Bluebook - "The Price is Right": 

  • Bennet Briandi, Booker High Schoolr
  • Jennifer Weinberger, Heron Creek Middle School
  • Joseph Craycraft, Oak Park School
  • Loretta Mion, Heron Creek Middle School


January 2021 Wellness Calendar Challenge:

  • Linda Booher, Woodland Middle School
  • Tamara Iwasiw, Venice Middle School