We not only "bring the bank" to you, but also offer valuable financial wellness counsel, at no expense and with no obligation. We provide you with excellent tools to help you achieve your short and long term financial goals.

  • Financial Matters are the No. 1 source of stress for all generations, especially millennials
  • 67% of employees say they’re financially stressed
  • 35% of employees say they’re stressed about finances while working

Financial education. Through the BB&T Financial Foundations Program, you can set financial wellness in motion by accessing more than 33 online training modules that cover multiple financial topics from savings and retirement planning, to mortgages, insurance and credit. Click here:  (Scroll down to the bottom section, titled Access Financial Foundations, and click get started)


Elite @Work Checking. You are eligible for the benefit-rich Elite@Work checking account from BB&T. Features of this account include one free order of checks at account opening, Free 3X5 or discounts on larger safe deposit box rental fees, unlimited use of BB&T ATMs and four non-BB&T ATM transactions per statement cycle with no fees from BB&T,  bonus interest rates on select CDs & IRAs, and more.


We want to be your Partner, help you with a Plan to reach your financial goals, and help you create Action steps towards their goals. 


Click here for the Financial Wellness Flyer.  There is a QR code on the flyer - hold your phone camera up to it, the BB&T~Now Truist Portal will pop up for you to open.  The portal includes the banking benefits, and the Financial Literacy Benefits as well.  


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