HealthyWage 45 Day Step Challenge

The Sarasota County Schools Step Challenge is a 45-day activity challenge where you can win cash prizes for walking! Get moving; get more energy and get paid.


The Details:

  • Gather your coworkers, friends, and family together and join the step challenge. This is an individual challenge; teams are just for fun (2-6 participants per team).
  • Register online for only $45. All money will be pooled (minus HealthyWage administration fees) and redistributed to participants who hit their goal!
  • Connect your step tracker when you register. For more information, please visit HealthyWage Step Challenge FAQs. 
  • Get active on HealthyWage’s dashboard and mobile app to chat with your fellow walkers and track your personal stats!


WIN a share of the pot if you increase your average individual steps by 25% or more!  HealthyWage has a "no-lose" guarantee: if more than 75% of participants are successful, HealthyWage guarantees all winners will receive at least their entry fee back.

The challenge starts on October 1st!

Register online for only $22.50/month for 2 months ($45).