Movement Minutes

Ab squeeze (1:28)  

Help support your lower back and reduce back pain by doing 5 to 10 second ab squeezes.


Arm circles (1:12)

Great to do as a warm-up before exercise or as a simple movement throughout the day to get some blood flow in your upper body, especially when working at a computer all day.


Bent over reverse fly (1:14)

This simple movement helps work the smaller muscles in your upper back and can be done at home or at the office.


Calf stretch (1:20)

Whether you have been sitting a lot, at your desk or in your car, or have been on your feet all day and feel tension in the lower back part of your legs, this simple stretch will help you feel better in minutes.


Cardio (1:01)

In a time-crunch to get some cardio done? No problem! Join us for a 1-minute movement that will help pump up your heart rate anytime during the day.


Chair abdominal stability (1:33)

Protect your lower back and spine by strengthening your abdominal muscles with this simple move, which can be done while sitting at your desk. As a bonus, it helps flatten your mid-section too!


Chair squats (1:02)

Build your core foundation and strengthen your legs and glutes with these chair squats.


Chest stretch (0:55)

Typing at a computer all day can create imbalances in the upper body and pain. Get fast relief with this 1-minute chest stretch.


Eagle arms (1:34)  

Take a quick break from working at your computer with this simple move that helps stretch out your neck and shoulders within minutes.


Forward fold (1:50)

Having low back pain can slow you down. This simple move will help provide fast relief by stretching your hamstrings, hips and low back muscles.


Lunge chair (1:10)

Help support your balance and improve lower body strength by doing 10 to 15 second lunges using a chair as needed.


Lunge weight (2:02)

Improve lower body strength by doing 5 to 15 lunge repetitions using water bottles for weights and for biceps curls as you come up.


March in place (1:10)

Use as a warm-up or to add some cardio into your busy day, this simple move can be done anywhere, anytime, and does not require any equipment.


Modified supported chair (1:07)

Great for balance and strengthening muscles in the lower body, this move also encourages blood flow throughout the body and can be used as a quick afternoon pick-me-up.


Neck stretch (1:12)

Is your neck feeling tight from working at your computer all day? Get fast relief with this 1-minute neck stretch.


Overhead press (1:27)

Get the blood pumping through your upper body and strengthen your shoulders with this simple move, which can be done at the office or at home, seated or standing.


Overhead stretch (1:12)

Working at a computer daily can weaken your upper body muscles, causing imbalances and pain. This simple move helps stretch your chest and shoulders and can be done while seated at a desk or standing.


Push up desk (1:36)

Improve upper body strength by doing 5 to 20 push-ups using your desk, a table or a wall.


Quad stretch (1:42)

This stretch focuses on the front upper part of your legs and is great to do if you have been on your feet all day, sitting at your desk or driving a lot.


Reach up & over (1:01)

This stretch is great for lengthening each side of your body and regaining a fuller range of motion, helping to reduce muscle tension and pain and lowering your risk of injuries.


Reach up & touch toes (1:14)

Great to do as a warm-up activity before a workout or on its own as a quick afternoon pick-me-up. This move is easy to incorporate into your busy life, whether you are at home or the office.


Seated cat/cow (1:33)

Get some blood flow and mobility in your spine within minutes with this simple move, done while seated at your desk and in cadence with your breath.


Seated hamstring (1:30)

Relieve low back pain from sitting all day with these seated hamstring stretches exercises.


Seated hip opener (1:36)

Reduce low back pain from sitting all day with these seated hip opener exercises.


Seated mountain pose (1:15)

Inspired from the traditional standing yoga pose, this seated option can be done at your desk throughout your workday to give your body and mind a nice break.


Seated twist (1:24)

Reduce low back pain from sitting all day with these seated twist exercises, which are nice alternatives to sit ups or planks for engaging your core muscles throughout your workday.


Shadow boxing (1:29)

Release some stress throughout your workday and get your heart pumping with these shadow boxing moves.


Shoulder squeeze (1:41)

Feeling tension in your shoulders, neck and upper back from working long hours at your desk? This simple activity will provide fast relief and can be done anytime.


Side bending mountain pose (1:13)

Sitting for long periods of time, either at your desk or driving, can weaken your muscles and make you more prone to injuries and pain. Increase your range of motion by stretching all the muscles from your head to your hip with this simple move.


Side leg & kick (1:27)

Sitting a lot? Help strengthen your core, hip muscles and improve your balance with these side leg lifts and kicks.


Triceps dip (2:21)

Improve upper body strength and tone your arms by doing 5 to 10 triceps dips using a chair or a patio bench.


Wrist stretch (0:51)

Working at a computer all day? Get some much-needed relief in your wrists with this 1-minute stretch.