Exercise and Fitness Resources

At the conclusion of each on-demand seminar, you can print the Certificate of Completion to use as proof for Prevention Pays.


Strength Training Simplified (13 minutes): Learn why strength training is a critical component to a healthy body and how you can incorporate strength training into your physical activity routine with minimal space, time or equipment.

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Yoga to Boost Your Energy– Snack-sized learning (6 minutes): We all have times where our energy lags a little and taking a nap is not an option. Fortunately, there are a few yoga poses you can do to help give you a boost so that you can power on through the rest of your day.

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Resource Page with Free Health and Fitness Offerings: Many health and fitness companies are offering free use of their online services.  Some offerings are always free, and many have extended free trials. (Please note that this list does not constitute endorsement of a particular product, organization or company).

Resource Sheet for Free Health and Wellness Offerings