December Take 10! - "Mindfulness and Meditation"

December Take 10! "Mindfulness and Meditation

It’s officially the holiday season!  Holidays can be wonderful, but also a source of added stress – often many of us spread ourselves too thin with added commitments and activities.  One way to take care of yourself during the holiday season is to practice mindfulness – being present, and noticing what’s around and within us without judgement.  We are encouraging everyone to “Take 10!” – take at least 10 minutes for yourself to focus on your own emotional well-being.  Below are some programs and information to help you with mindfulness and meditation this season.


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Work-Life Services: Free and confidential short-term counseling and assistance with everyday issues for Sarasota School employees and members of their household.


What is Mindfulness? - article: In recent decades, many people have embraced mindfulness, however the principal has been around for much longer.  This article provides information on mindfulness, and ways you can be more mindful to improve mood, sleep, energy level, and much more!


"What is Your Habit Personality" - self quiz: Take this short quiz to find out your habit personalty. 


Guided Meditation: This time of year, we may forget to make time for ourselves, while serving others. Take aa moment for yourself this holiday season with this guided meditation!


"How to Have a Stress-Free Holiday" - podcast: The holiday season is often a season of joy, but it can also be a period of stress and anxiety.  Fortunately, many of these potential stressors can be managed with advance planning. This podcast provides tips to make the holiday season more enjoyable and easygoing.


"Intro to Meditation and Desk Yoga" - webinar: This webinar discusses ways to become more mindful at work while reducing stress and tension, including ways to incorporate stress reducing techniques into daily life.


Monthly Wellness Challenge: 


Additional Resources and Wellness Opportunities for Employees: Employee Wellness provides a variety of opportunities throughout the year.  Check back often, as new activities are added regularly.