November Take 10! - "Stress Less, Live More"

"The 4 A's for Stress Managing Stress" - article: For long-term reduction in stress, it is necessary to view stress management as a decision-making process.  Try to recognize your own signs and symptoms of stress, and then decide what you can and cannot do about the situation.  Click here to learn more about the 4 A’s of stress management.


"Happiness Assessment Test" - self quiz: Get happy! Try the HAT (Happiness Assessment Test) to see how you score and get some tips on increasing happiness.


"Tips to Reduce Workplace Stress" - short article: Sometimes work can be stressful: when deadlines loom, when workloads grow, when change occurs. But there are ways to deal with and reduce stress in the workplace.


"Kicking Bad Habits to the Curb" - short video:  It’s tough to break a bad habit, and it takes will power and resilience to be successful.  Keeping a positive attitude can help you stay on track.  Here are tips to help you stay optimistic on your journey. 


"Using Exercise to Combat Stress" - webinar: From better moods to healthier hearts, the evidence is clear on the benefits of physical activity. A major one is that exercise helps us combat stress.


"Gratitude Card" - activity: Complete the ”Gratitude Card” as a reminder to why you are thankful and grateful.  Display the card at work or home.


Monthly Wellness Challenge:  Start a daily gratitude journal and think of something every day that you are grateful for.  Keeping a gratitude journal can increase positivity, improve self-esteem, help you sleep better at night, makes you happier, and counters stress. 


Additional Resources and Wellness Opportunities for Employees: Employee Wellness provides a variety of opportunities throughout the year, including fitness classes and screenings.  Check out the Employee Wellness website to view schedules and availability.  Check back often, as new activities are added regularly.


Additional Resources and Wellness Opportunities for Employees: As a member of Florida Blue, your health insurance plan includes behavioral health benefits.  These include mental health services, substance use treatment, and more. Click the link to the right to read more about the services provided by Florida Blue and New Directions.