October Take 10! - "Making Mental Health a Priority"

The “Take 10!” theme for October is “Making Mental Health a Priority.”  We are encouraging everyone to “Take 10!” – take at least 10 minutes for yourself to focus on your own mental and emotional well-being, and make mental health a priority. 

 Why should you “Take 10!” for your mental health?  Our emotional well-being and mental health is at the center of our daily lives.  It influences decisions we make, allows us to realize our full potential, cope effectively with the stressors of daily life, and become more productive at work and at home.  It’s important to practice self-care and replenish emotional health resources so we can live a full and balanced life.

 Employee Wellness is here to provide programs not just for your physical well-being, but also your mental and emotional well-being.  Your emotional well-being matters, and to help you make mental health a priority, we have provided programs and information below:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Work-Life Services: Free and confidential short-term counseling and assistance with everyday issues for Sarasota School employees and members of their household.

“Making Mental Health a Priority” - in person seminar: Your emotional well-being matters.  It’s important to make talking about mental health a priority.  This in-person seminar will help you recognize signs of emotional or psychological distress and understand the basics of common mental health conditions.  It will also identify a simple plan of action for starting a conversation with a loved one or seeking support yourself, and guiding someone toward help, including EAP and other resources. 

"Why Do We Need to Talk About Mental Health" - article: Why do we need to talk about mental health? So we can support those who need it most. Mental Health affects everyone, and this article highlights the importance of having everyday conversations surrounding mental health. 

"9 Ways You Can Improve Your Mental Health Today" - tips: You have the power to take positive steps right now to improve your resilience and emotional health. Don’t wait to make your mental health a priority.  This article from Psychology Today provides tips on how to boost your mood, build resilience, and add overall enjoyment to life.

"Design Your Environment for Optimal Health" - 15 minute webinar: Most people think about diet and exercise when they think about taking care of themselves, but what about your environment?  This webinar takes a look at how your surroundings could be affecting you, and how to identify strategies to alter your spaces and improve overall well-being.

Montly Wellness Challenge: Tell yourself something positive every day this month.  Research shows that how you think about yourself can have a powerful effect on how you feel.  Record each day on a calendar to see how you did!

Additional Resources and Wellness Opportunities for Employees:  Employee Wellness provides a variety of opportunities throughout the year, including fitness classes and screenings.  Check out the Employee Wellness website to view schedules and availability, including registration information for the Employee Health Fair on 10/14.  Check back often, as new activities are added regularly.

As a member of Florida Blue, your health insurance plan includes behavioral health benefits.  These include mental health services, substance use treatment, and more.  Click the link to the right to read more about the services provided by Florida Blue and New Directions.