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North Port High School Announces Class of 2018 Academic Hall of Fame

SARASOTA COUNTY, May 10, 2019 –  North Port High School’s Academic Hall of Fame permanently recognizes alumni for outstanding academic achievement completed while attending North Port High School.

Initial criterion for induction consideration includes the top twenty students of each graduating class based on local weighted grade point average. The final selection criteria include the following: the graduate must have attended North Port High School for a minimum of three years and must have earned a minimum college placement score of 1150 for the SAT, critical reading and math, or 26 for the ACT composite, for exams taken while attending North Port High School.

Please join us as we congratulate the Class of 2018 for North Port High School’s Academic Hall of Fame:

  • Dana Allison
  • Nathan Clemens
  • Adam Cohen
  • Savannah Edwards
  • Yousef Edwards
  • Aubrie Gibbons
  • Jason Gill
  • Dakota Hoang
  • Lin Huang
  • Laila Ismail
  • Katharine Jones
  • Benjamin Krizen
  • Kaitlin Lacey
  • Isabella Michal
  • Emily Rumisek
  • Julianne Scott
  • Caleb Walton