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Lamarque Elementary Honored by Imagine Learning Program

Imagine Learning recently announced the winners of its 2020-2021 Imagine Nation Awards. The awards are part of Imagine Learning’s motivational program to ignite engagement and amplify confidence for all learners throughout the year. Imagine Learning’s platform includes a distinguished motivational program that engages student learning anywhere. At any time, students can log into the Imagine Learning applications. The motivational program includes a blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators such as encouraging choice, collaboration, and community giving.

This year, the company honored only 317 schools and students from across the country for their exceptional use of Imagine Learning programs. Over 16,000 schools were eligible for the Imagine National School of Excellence Award and/or the Imagine Nation Beacon School Award. Sarasota County Schools’ very own Lamarque Elementary School was a proud recipient of the “Beacon School Award”!


In the words of Olga Marchena, ESOL Liaison and Parent & Family Engagement Coordinator at Lamarque Elementary School: “The Extended Learning Program was essential for our students who needed supplemental instruction to bridge the achievement gap. This includes our ESSA groups who were targeted for this opportunity – such as our English Language Learners (ELL), Students with Disabilities (SWD), and minority students. Barriers for these students and families include technology, parent resources, and transportation. By partnering with our ESOL & Migrant Department, we were able to combine Title I and Title III funds to implement a twice-a-week program. Overall, we had about 165 students participate.

The focus for our 1st and 2nd grade students was Literacy, known as SAILS. Our 3rd - 5th grade teachers and students tackled numeracy and mathematics. For our ELL students, we utilized bilingual staff to support learning and language development. Trained teachers were able to deliver instruction and support in both reading and mathematics during their sessions. Imagine Learning was a key element of daily practice for our ELL students. This digital resource is designed to scaffold the learner in their native language and assist with the English acquisition part.

Something new to our Extended Learning Program at Lamarque was the coordination of buses for all students participating in these programs. This was a major factor for many of our participating students on whether they could attend [due to not having transportation or their family’s work schedules].

At the end of the day, the success of Lamarque’s Extended Learning Program is due to the commitment of the 28 staff members and our amazing coordinator who orchestrated every detail for our students and families. For the 2021-2022 school year, we will continue to invest in this and many programs, thanks to our title status and district support.”   


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About the Imagine Nation Beacon School Award

Schools and students are nominated by Imagine Learning representatives for this award for exemplifying the spirit of the Imagine Learning partnership, consistent program usage, and best practices in program implementation. A total of 237 schools received this award for exemplary work during the 2020–2021 school year.