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North Port High School Celebrates Spring 2020 Cambridge AICE Program Results

SARASOTA COUNTY, September 3, 2020 – North Port High School is happy to announce that for the 2019-20 school year, students in their Cambridge AICE program earned over 1350 passing scores with 97 students achieving their AICE Diploma. North Port High School’s program history is one of success for students who have chosen to attempt to earn the prestigious Cambridge AICE Scholar Diploma. It continues to be one of success for any student who chooses to take AICE classes as a non-diploma candidate.

This path is not offered at all schools, as Cambridge classes are highly rigorous and cannot be taken lightly. North Port High School’s faculty fully supports the school vision of “Preparing students to lead responsible lives by supporting their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development”. It is North Port High’s belief that all students should have the opportunity to choose accelerated coursework where it can be integrated into their pathways of study. As a Florida Arts Model School and the VPA Magnet School for south Sarasota County, North Port High School has integrated these curricula to allow students to participate fully in both programs. The Cambridge AICE Diploma, when combined with community service hours, allows the students to earn the Florida Academic Scholars Bright Futures award, bypassing the required SAT or ACT scores.

Ann Brandenberger, the school’s AICE Coordinator, and Christine McKay, the school’s AICE Counselor, guide and advise students and parents through enrollment, curriculum, preparation, and assessment for 15 AICE courses, many of which are offered at the AS and A levels. The list of successful offerings continues to grow while the coursework is maintained at the highest level of rigor. Students at North Port High School continue to maintain close to a 100% pass rate in AICE Chemistry and AICE Global Perspectives.

The full Cambridge Program offerings for the 2020-21 school year are:

  • AICE General Paper
  • AICE English Lang, AS & A levels
  • AICE Literature
  • AICE Psychology, AS & A levels
  • AICE Global Perspectives, AS &A levels
  • AICE Thinking Skills
  • AICE International Studies
  • AICE US Studies
  • AICE Biology
  • AICE Chemistry
  • AICE Physics
  • AICE Marine
  • AICE Environmental
  • AICE Spanish Lang and Culture
  • AICE Spanish 1st Language, A level
  • AICE French