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Meet Record-Breaking 10-Year-Old Playwright, Viviana

Written by Becca Jennings of Florida Studio Theatre

April 30, 2019 – Viviana is a normal fifth grader. Her favorite colors are robin’s egg blue and sea foam green. In her spare time, she enjoys reading Harry Potter and playing with her dog, Millie. She also really likes watching random videos on YouTube.

But unlike most fifth graders, Viviana is an award-winning playwright. In fact, Viviana has won FST’s annual youth playwriting competition for the past three consecutive years—that’s more times than anyone in the program’s 28-year history.

Founded in 1991, FST’s WRITE A PLAY program is an award-winning, year-round arts-in-education initiative that provides the example, the inspiration, and the skills for kids in kindergarten through 12th grade to write their own original plays.

“Through this program, we have touched the lives of over one million children to date,” said FST Director of Children’s Theatre, Caroline Kaiser. “In a time when education can become bogged down with test scores and bureaucracy, this enrichment program reminds students and teachers about the importance of creativity in the classroom.”

Viviana entered the program in second grade. With titles like Princess Poetry Saves the Day, Recipe for Friendship, and A Beary Big Adventure, Viviana’s winning plays all have one thing in common. “They are all inspired by things that have happened in my life, personally,” said Vivianna.

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