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September 22, 2021 - An Important COVID-19 Update from Sarasota County Schools

September 22, 2021 -- 7:30 PM


Good evening families,

Please note the following important health updates regarding the school district’s COVID-19 policies and guidelines.


Update to Contact Tracing:

Sarasota County Schools’ contact tracing protocols are aligned with guidance from the State of Florida Surgeon General.  Therefore, in accordance with the Florida Department of Health Emergency Rule 64DER21-15, Subsection 3 (Protocols for Students with Exposure to COVID-19 enacted on September 22, 2021) from Dr. Joseph Ladapo – the newly appointed surgeon general – we are making the following changes to our contact tracing protocols:

Parents or legal guardians of students who are known to have been in direct contact with an individual who received a positive diagnostic test for COVID-19 may choose one of the following options:

  1. Allow the student to attend school, school-sponsored activities, or be on school property, without restrictions or disparate treatment, so long as the student remains asymptomatic; or
  2. Quarantine the student for a period of time not to exceed seven days from the date of last direct contact with an individual that is positive for COVID-19.

Students who are currently quarantined due to an exposure to a positive COVID-19 case and are asymptomatic can return to school immediately.


Current Face Mask Policy Update:

In alignment with the Sarasota County School Board’s request at the School Board meeting on September 21, 2021 – and following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s outdoor masking guidance – we are updating the face mask policy as follows: 

Effective immediately, face masks will be optional for students and employees while they are in an outdoor environment. This includes all outdoor activities during and after school. Face masks are still required for students who are riding a school bus or indoors at any Sarasota County School District facility.


Any additional changes to the current face mask policy will require School Board official action. 

We will be sure to share any new COVID-19 information as updated guidance becomes available.

—Sarasota County Schools