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North Port High School Celebrates Spring 2021 Cambridge AICE Program Results

September 2021 – North Port High School is tremendously proud of its 109 students from the class of 2021 who have earned the prestigious Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) diploma from Cambridge Assessment International Education. This past year presented new and unique challenges for this group of students who showed their determination and grit every day as they overcame each obstacle.

North Port High School Principal, Mrs. Shannon Fusco, said: “This group of students rose to meet the challenges of virtual learning, exam prepping with a quarantined teacher, and loss of access to parts of assessments on a daily basis, and they were a shining example of the will to succeed.”

The Cambridge AICE diploma program recognizes students who successfully complete a rigorous course of study and pass the relevant exams. To achieve the Cambridge AICE diploma, students have three years to take a minimum of seven college-level courses in three different academic areas – Mathematics and Science, Arts and Humanities, and Languages – and pass the corresponding exams.

Of the 109 students in the class of 2021 who earned their Cambridge AICE diploma, eight were recipients of the AICE diploma with Distinction, which indicates the highest level of achievement, and 67 received the AICE diploma with Merit. To earn these additional honors, students accrue quality points by attaining high scores on their exams. Students who accrue 360 out of a possible 420 points earn the diploma with Distinction, and students who earn between 250 and 359 quality points earn the diploma with Merit.

Cambridge examinations are recognized as qualifications that prepare and equip students with the skills they need to succeed both at university and beyond. The qualifications are designed to develop students who are confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged. Students develop deep subject knowledge, conceptual understanding, and higher order thinking skills that will be needed for success at school, university and employment. North Port High School offers 20 different AICE courses in a variety of subject areas, allowing students to tailor their path to the AICE diploma to their own strengths and interests, and many combine this rigorous academic program with other performing art and technical preparation as it supports their individual interests and goals.

Students who earn the Cambridge AICE diploma and have 100 community service hours are guaranteed to earn the Florida Academic Scholar (FAS) Award from the Bright Futures scholarship program, which pays full tuition, fees, and books for four years of college or university study. Altogether, these 109 Cambridge AICE diplomas have guaranteed that members of the North Port High School class of 2021 will receive over three million dollars in Bright Futures scholarships alone, consequently saving them more than $650,000 in student loan interest and providing them with an additional $487,000 in free college classes.

Dr. Margaret Little, Cambridge AICE Coordinator, said: “These students should be very proud of their achievement in earning their AICE diploma. Dedication and hard work are required for success in these courses, and it is quite an accomplishment for high school students to take such rigorous courses and pass the demanding exams. I am proud to congratulate North Port High School’s students, teachers, and staff.”