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March 13 – Important Information from Sarasota County Schools

March 13, 2020 -- 6:00 PM


Good evening,

We’ve just completed a phone call with the Governor’s office and Department of Education. We’ve been informed that students are to be kept home from school the week after Spring Break. That means that students are off next week for Spring Break and one additional week (in total, March 16 – March 27). Staff may be called into work the week of March 23. 

In addition, effective March 16, all extracurricular activities— including all in-state and out-of-state field trips and athletics —are cancelled until further notice. This includes any scheduled practices. We’ll provide further information to everyone as soon as we receive it from the State. 

A brief travel update since yesterday… The Department of Education has advised that anyone who has traveled out of the country or on a cruise to any location, regardless of their health, must self-isolate for 14 days. This means staff and students are not allowed to come back to school or work for a total of 14 days. For students, this will be excused absences.

Please note, we will be sending additional updates as we receive them. Please check your email or phone messages daily.

--Sarasota County Schools