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District to Use Online School Management Systems (OSMS) as Credit Card Merchant for Schools

SARASOTA COUNTY, August 2019 – After lengthy research to find the best, most efficient and user-friendly credit card merchant for all schools to use to accept credit cards, the district’s Finance department has selected Online School Management Systems (OSMS) to service school communities.

The OSMS software interfaces with the existing school internal accounts software, streamlining the transition. All credit card transactions made through OSMS will automatically upload into the proper activity account in the school internal account software. This will save considerable time for our school bookkeepers, with the added benefit of taking cash-handling out of schools. This is offered as a convenience for families; however, cash and checks will still be accepted. There is an approximate 4% fee which will be paid by families at the time of the transaction. The school will receive an ECH deposit for the net amount after the fee is subtracted.

For families that want to get started, please click here to access an instructional guide. Click here to watch an online video on how use the OSP Web Store.