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Sarasota County Schools Announces 2024-2025 School Choice Enrollment Window: February 1 – February 29

January 31, 2024 – Parents and guardians residing anywhere in the state of Florida will soon be able to apply for their children to attend a public school outside their regular attendance zone through the Controlled Open Enrollment (COE) process, more commonly known as School Choice.


Sarasota County Schools invites parents and guardians from any school district in the state of Florida – whose child is not subject to a current expulsion or suspension – to apply for a 2024-2025 School Choice assignment to a public school identified as having available capacity. Online applications for School Choice will be accepted from 8:00 AM on Thursday, February 1, 2024, through 4:30 PM on Thursday, February 29, 2024.


The district’s School Choice process requires that an online application be completed. Beginning Thursday, February 1, parents and guardians can complete and submit their online applications using a computer, tablet, or cell phone. If assistance is needed to access and submit an online application, parents and guardians may contact the Office of School Choice at 941-927-9000, ext. 32258. Parents and guardians will be notified via email of choice assignments in April. If awarded a choice seat, parents and guardians must formally accept the assignment by following the directions in the email, or their choice seat will be forfeited.


Available seats at some of the schools that are open to School Choice may be limited to certain grade levels if those schools are at, or near, their enrollment capacity for those grades. The complete list of schools and grade levels open to School Choice is available on the School Choice/Controlled Open Enrollment (COE) Overview webpage under the “downloads” heading: School Choice/COE assignments will be determined by a random lottery process, rather than on a first-come, first-served basis. Students living in Sarasota County who are applying for an assignment through the School Choice/COE process will not be displaced by the applicants living outside the county. A School Choice/COE assignment does not guarantee acceptance into a magnet or special program at a school.


Schools that are open to School Choice/COE for the 2024-2025 school year may host open houses or other family information events. Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit the websites of schools on the “open” School Choice/COE list, or contact those schools directly, for more information. All school websites are accessible via the “Schools” button located at the top of the school district’s website (


Please note: This application is intended only for families wishing to have their child attend a school other than their assigned district school. Applications for new student registration and existing student re-registration for the 2024-2025 school year will open in April. If your child is already attending a school utilizing School Choice/COE and they wish to continue attending the same school, you will not need to fill out another School Choice/COE application.


Educational choice options – such as charter schools, magnet schools, or magnet programs – also do not require the completion of a School Choice/COE application. Families interested in these district School Choice options should directly contact the school or program.


Parents and guardians whose children receive their choice school through the School Choice/COE process will be responsible for providing transportation to and from school. Any additional questions may be directed to the Office of School Choice by visiting



Office of Accountability and Choice,

Sarasota County Schools