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Family input requested

SARASOTA COUNTY, June 10, 2022 – Please note that the 2022-23 Student Progression Plan and the 2022-23 Student Code of Conduct are now available for review and public input. The window to review will close on July 8, 2022.  


View the 2022-23 Student Progression Plan

View the 2022-23 Student Code of Conduct:


The Student Progression Plan aims to provide information that explains how we create a successful educational experience for every child each year they work toward graduation while enrolled in Sarasota County Schools. Details pertaining to progression from grade to grade, acceleration, and graduation are outlined in the Plan. 


The proposed Student Code of Conduct was developed with a work group that consisted of Sarasota County's students, parents, guardians and school and district staff members. The work group met over eight weeks and collaborated on the proposed document.


We believe that the more information you have about our educational offerings, the better choices you and your child will make through the years you are involved with the Sarasota County Schools.