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Congratulations Retirees!

This year we wished 146 retirees good luck as they embark on their next great adventure. Every one of these heroes made a difference in our children's lives and our community with 2,956 years of combined service! Thank you. 💖

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Amy Abbot 15 Years  Materials Mgmt. Bookkeeper
Laurie Adelman 15 Years  Transportation, Driver
Gillian Aeppli 25 Years  North Port High, Secretary
Kristine Alcala 17 Years  Laurel Nokomis/Teacher
Judy Aquila 20 Years  Phillippi Shores, Teacher
Aimee Arvelo 14 Years  Fruitville, Teacher
Mark Aschenbrenner 35 Years  Sarasota High, Teacher
Laura Banes-Bradley 39 Years  Pine View, Teacher
Phyllis Bankemper 12 Years  Transportation, Attendant
Beth Baranowski 19 Years  HR Benefits Specialist
Richard Baxter 19 Years  Booker Middle, Teacher
Gail Blades 25 Years  Venice High, ESE Aide
Kathryn Bonacci 16 Years  Fruitville, Teacher
Tina Borres 25 Years  Phillippi, Bookkeeper
Philip Buri 8 Years  Facilities, Grounds Helper
Donna Burke 23 Years  Garden, ESE Aide
Michael Byrd 22 Years  Brookside, Teacher
David Cain 35 Years  Transportation, Mechanic
Diane Carney 22 Years  Transportation, Secretary
Rebecca Castleberry 9 Years  FNS, Assistant
Gary Castro 15 Years  Bay Haven, Food Service Manager
Ana Chavez 16 Years  Facilities, Custodian
Andria Clark 11 Years  Venice Middle Food & Nutrition
Dawn Clements 16 Years  Student Services, Social Worker
Richard Clower 34 Years  Materials Mgmt, Delivery Clerk
Marcie Colvin 13 Years  Transportation, Driver
William Conner 11 Years  Facilities, HARV Tech
Mitsi Corcoran 15 Years  CFO/Financial Services
Bridget Coughlin, 21 Years  Riverview, Teacher
Donna Cummings 17 Years  Gocio Elemenatary, FNS
Anne Cunningham 3 Years  Venice Middle Food & Nutrition
Amanda Dammel 18 Years  Alta Vista, Teacher
Janet D'Angeli 5 Years  Venice Elem. Cafeteria Aide
Pamela Davis-Cokley 22 Years  Brookside, Counselor
Cari Dorfmeyer 24 Years  FNS
Sandra Dziadik 15 Years  Oak Park, Para Aide
Raymond Ebersole 18 Years  IT Senior Engineer
Glenn Elliot 9 Years  Transportation, Bus Driver
Timothy Enos 4 Years  Safety & Security, Chief of Police
James Filary 19 Years  Facilities, Custodial Specialist
Kimberly Fox 34 Years  Oak Park, Teacher
Joanne Fusco 11 Years  FNS
Deborah Gerack 15 Years  Laurel Nokomis, ESE Aide
Fredrick Gilmore 28 Years  Booker High, Security Monitor
Susan Gissal 28 Years  STC, Media Aide
Timothy Gissal 36 Years  PSS, Psychologist
Pamela Givans 16 Years  Toledo Blade/ESE Aide
Courtney Graybeal 28 Years  Facilities/Custodian
Melvin Grinnage 18 Years  Facilities, Custodian
Karen Gunia 17 Years  Facilities/Custodian
Julie Harrell 19 Years  Gocio Elem., Media Aide
Patricia Harrell 34 Years  Gulf Gate, Teacher
Sally Harrison 24 Years  STC, Teacher
Laurie Hayes 19 Years  Bay Haven, Teacher
Joann  Hershberger 27 Years  Pine View, Teacher
Anne Hill 15 Years  Wilkinson, Counselor
Greg Hilliard 8 Years  Facilities, Trades Helper
Pamela Holloway 22 Years  Office of Accountability, Admin Assistant
Frederick Holt 6 Years  Glenallen, Teacher
Robert Hopkins 35 Years  Safety & Security, System Tech
Christine Hradek 35 Years  Laurel Nokomis, Teacher
Minnie Johnson 33 Years  Transportation, Driver
Alfred Jones 34 Years  Tatum Ridge, ESE Aide
Brian Jozwiak 8 Years  NPHS, Teacher
Donna Judge 33 Years  SHS Security monitor
Kathleen Kauffman 27 Years  McIntosh Middle, FNS
Robin Ketchum 28 Years  Transportation, Bus Driver
H. Scott Keys 21 Years  Booker High Teacher
Michelle Kloese 16 Years  Woodland Middle, Assistant Principal
Linda Knipper 10 Years  Gocio, Teacher
Romania Kopakin 27 Years  McIntosh, Para Aide
Timothy Krause, 18 Years  Facilities, Custodian
Leo Lachambre Jr. 24 Years  Sarasota Middle, Teacher
Antonita LaCross 28 Years  Taylor Ranch, Media Aide
Collette Ladd 7 Years  Transportation, Driver
Sandra Lanehart 28 Years  Facilities, Head Custodian
Guilda Langston 34 Years  Phillippi Shores, Clinic Aide
Robert Larson Jr. 8 Years  Transportation, Driver
William Lawyer 14 Years  IT, Tech Support
Gladys Lazarcheck 18 Years  Cranberry, Receptionist
Lyudmila Lebed 22 Years   Years Facilities/Custodian
Dixie Lee 33 Years  Venice Middle, Teacher
Curtis  Lehman 9 Years  Transportation/Bus Driver
Elaine Longobardi 15 Years  Pupil Support ESE, OT
Pamela Lugar 17 Years  Englewood Elem. ESE Liason
Daniel Lunt 36 Years  Sarasota Middle, Teacher
Donna Luther 7 Years  FNS
Robin Magac 23 Years  Gulf Gate, Principal
Katelynn Marcotte 10 Years   Pine View, Assistant Principal
Ines Markovich 26 Years  STC, Teacher
Susan Martin 24 Years  Bay Haven, Teacher
Joseph Marzheuser 35 Years  Transportation, Mechanic
Francine Mather 25 Years  Englewood, Teacher
Andrew Matlaga 18 Years  Facilities, Head Custodian
Ann Matthews 40 Years  Phillippi Shores
Roxana McCarthy 1 Years  McIntosh Middle, ESE Aide
John McCollum 6 Years  Facilities/Custodian
Elizabeth McLain 22 Years  FNS
Sandy Mikutis 15 Years  Gocio, Cafeteria Aide
Gina Miller 12 Years  Sarasota Middle School, Food Service 
Sheri Mills 11 Years   Brentwod, Media Aide
Karen Misja 18 Years  Tatum Ridge, Teacher
Lois Myers 27 Years  Pineview, Teacher
Sammy Nickens 24 Years  Facilities, Custodian
Judith Ott 19 Years  Human Resources, Secretary
Alicia Palumbo 9 Years  Facilities, Custodian
Domenick Palumbo 32 Years  Facilities, Head Custodian
Rhonda Peebles 5 Years  Glenallen, Teacher
Douglas Pelowski 32 Years  Facilities, Head Custodian
Donna Petrahl 8 Years  Phillippi Shores, Cafeteria Aide
Luz Ramirez-Agudelo 15 Years  Facilities, Head Custodian
Patricia Rhodes 8 Years  Emma E. Booker, Bookkeeper
Sheila Riley 35 Years  Wilkinson, Teacher
Nancy Rogers 25 Years  FNS, Food Service Assistant
Patricia Rowland 23 Years  Venice High, Secretary
Barbara Rusiecki 27 Years  Registrar, Bay Haven
Elaine Scherder 8 Years  Garden, FNS, Assistant
Margaret Seul 20 Years  Gulf Gate Elem. ESE Liason 
Purnima Shah 27 Years  Lakeview, Cafeteria Aide
Kathleen Shepler 17 Years  Pineview, Teacher
Barbara Shirley 29 Years  Alta Vista, Principal
Flint Shoop 23 Years  NPHS, Teacher
Melinda Sichling 24 Years  Laurel Nokomis, Security Monitor
Tracy Skinner, T 19 Years  Transportation, Bus Driver
Wendy Smith 16 Years  Venice Elem., Teacher
Kristine Smith 3 Years  Suncoast Polytech, Teacher
Jean Stahl 19 Years  NPHS, Campus Security Monitor
Adria Stasko 19 Years  Venice Middle, Assistant Principal
Parry Steele III 7 Years  Transportation/Bus Driver
Bertha Stokes 3 Years  Transportation, Attendant
Vivian Stornes 17 Years  Lamarque, ESE Aide
Suzanne Swanson 37 Years  McIntosh, Teacher
Cheryl Tegenkamp 30 Years  Facilities, Maintenance Mechanic
Joan Tracey 37 Years  Ashton, Teacher
Milicent Urie 9 Years  Pupil Support ESE, Nurse
Roxanne Uriel 18 Years  Riverview, Teacher
Silvia Uzcategui 12 Years  STC, ParaPro
Judith Walker 24 Years  FNS
Katrina Ward 32 Years  Office of Accountability
Sharon Warmoth 33 Years  PPS, Secretary
Herbert Waters 23 Years  Fruitville, Teacher
Alan Weger, 27 Years  Booker Middle, Teacher
Gerilyn Wells 34 Years  Glenallen, Food Service Mgr.
Sarah Williams 18 Years  Ashton, Teacher
Judith Wilson 27 Years  Facilities, Custodian
Linda Young 18 Years  Cranberry, Teacher