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A Statement from Interim Superintendent Mitsi Corcoran

SARASOTA COUNTY, June 3, 2020 – Please note the following statement from Mitsi Corcoran, interim superintendent of Sarasota County Schools.

“As a school district, it is our responsibility to ensure that all of our students receive a high-quality public education. Education is the bridge to opportunity and understanding, and covers so much more than purely academic pursuits. Academics are important, but we are also focused on the social and emotional well-being of all our students, as well as their civic engagement and growth.

All members of our school communities have a right to learn and work without fear of harm. Racism in our schools is not acceptable on any level. We will address all incidents of hate and bias if they arise, with a model that emphasizes communication, empathy, reconciliation, and support to those who are harmed.

I want to share how proud we are of our students, many of whom demonstrated peacefully alongside our Mayor, and so many others who are deeply concerned by the death of George Floyd and the events that are taking place in our country. Our school leaders have been focused on interrupting racism and building culturally responsive schools, which in turn, will build our culturally responsive community.”