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Required 2020-21 Bus Stop Pre-Registration

Sarasota County Schools Transportation Department is committed to providing safe and efficient transportation to our students. 

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, it is safest to make sure we have a better understanding of the load levels on the bus. We are asking that families pre-register to use the school bus. Students who qualify for transportation will be assigned a bus stop.

  • Students who will NOT be riding a bus should NOT complete a pre-registration form.


  • ESE students who require special transportation as listed on an IEP do NOT need to complete a pre-registration form.


  • Complete a pre-registration form for each student who will be riding the bus individually.


  • Eligible students will be assigned to only ONE bus stop, determined by the primary address listed in the Student Information System.


  • Unregistered students waiting at the bus stop without a Parent or Guardian will be transported to school. Parent or Guardian will be responsible for picking the child up from school until the child is registered and assigned a bus stop.


                    Bus Stop Pre-Registration Form