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Booker Middle School's "B5 Store"

Helping Students Choose to Do the Right Thing:
1 Community 1 Team and Booker Middle School Strive for the Good

SARASOTA, FL— The B5 Store at Booker Middle School—what is that? Imagine an environment in which the focus is on the good, the push is for the positive, and the students are rising to do what’s right. This is the mission of the B5 Store at Booker Middle School, to elevate student behavior and focus on the positives that are seen in our young people every day. At Booker Middle School, students are asked to exhibit behaviors from the following 5 pillars:
Be Punctual
Be Prepared
Be Engaged
Be Respectful
Be Appropriate

When students exhibit these behaviors they are rewarded a “B5 Buck” which they can use towards “purchasing” a prize. There is no money involved, though, the only thing a student needs in order to receive a B5 Buck and to purchase a prize is to behave well! Students collect B5 Bucks throughout the year and learn to save for the bigger prizes. The more B5’s the bigger the prize!

Within recent months, the local charitable organization 1 Community 1 Team, powered by Sarasota Ford, learned about the B5 store and wanted to help inspire students to strive for good behaviors.  Through donations of prizes including tablets, air pods, kayaks, skateboard, rollerblades, backpacks, pencils, gift cards, board games, snacks, and more the B5 Store at Booker Middle School is getting a huge makeover. Additionally, 1 Community 1 Team commissioned local artists from DreamLarge in Sarasota to donate a beautiful B5-themed mural that will be painted in the BMS cafeteria.

Booker Middle School Principal, Dr. LaShawn Frost, states, “The partnership between 1 Community 1 Team and Booker Middle School is innovative and shows the importance of community stakeholders and schools working together to encourage students to find value in learning and academic achievement.  We also hit the mark in terms of promoting student success as measured by grades, attendance, motivation and school engagement.”

1 Community 1 Team Executive Director, Mica Minero adds, “The B5 Store will provide the opportunity for the students to learn the value of working hard to achieve a goal while highlighting and rewarding those efforts which can affect others to follow the same path. When people believe in you, it becomes easier to believe in yourself.”

The reveal of the new B5 store will occur on Monday, October 18th at Booker Middle School. For more information on this exciting partnership please contact Booker Middle School’s Visual and Performing Arts Director, Christine Hopkins, at