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NPHS Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

SARASOTA COUNTY, March 23, 2022 – North Port High School is pleased to announce the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards have been received from the Spring 2021 assessments through Cambridge Assessment International Education. These awards celebrate and recognize the success of high-performing learners from over 40 countries worldwide. Cambridge places learners at the center of their international education programs and qualifications, inspired by the best in educational thinking. 

Students earning these awards received quality points for high scores on their examinations. Qualification for the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards is based on the number of points earned on each student's examinations from a single year. The Learner Awards are also designated at higher levels "with Merit" and at the top level, "with Distinction."

Ninety-nine North Port High School students received these prestigious awards to acknowledge outstanding performance in the June 2021 Cambridge examination series. Of the 99 students receiving awards, 59 were recipients of the Scholar Award, 28 were recipients of the Scholar Award with Merit, and 12 were recipients of the Scholar Award with Distinction.

Joseph French received the Cambridge AS Chemistry Award with Distinction for having the top score in the U.S. for his performance on the AICE Chemistry exam. This score, combined with his National Merit Finalist status and a perfect score on the ACT, will place him in a highly competitive position with admissions committees.  

Edgar Fernandez Alvarez received a special award for High Achievement in First Language Spanish.

Top in the USA: Joseph French for AICE Chemistry

High Achievement: Edgar Fernandez Alvarez for AICE First Language Spanish

Scholar Award with Distinction: Natalie Burdett, Travis Colvin, Joseph French, Amelia Harvey, Andrew Manyak, Logan Mappes, Brittany Rork, Diana Rud, Sabrina Schmitt, Dina Stelmach, Alessandra Sylvia, Elvira Tabakova

Scholar Award with Merit: Evan Bertis-Sample, Tyler Bird, Sydney Carroll, Karen Cascante, Giovanni Castro-Priddee, Jayda Chapman, Asher Davidson, Genevieve Devries, Shayla Dietrich, Rousemary Estrada, Ambrynn Julius, Anson Kirsch, Katelyn Lewis, Aiden Luce, Tyler Mann, Peyton Mayle, Vladimir Ovsyannikov, Malainey Potts, Gavin Rufh, Kayla Sarkkinen-Trotter, Joshua Segebre, Kassidy Snapp, Kayleigh Soler, Camila Sorrentino, Miola Tatchyn, Hector Torres, Christopher Wheaton, Grace Williams

Scholar Award: Gabriella Battiata, Merissa Beaulieu, Xander Bieniek, Ethan Boor, Tyrell Bruce, Daniel Bullock, Gabriel Burger, Michayla Collazo, Kaliyah Dansey, Beatriz De Melo, Sydney Dudash, Alexis Freed, Christian Garcia, Charlotte Gillis, Lauren Hetzer, Ayla Hinkley, Aubrianna Hobbs, Steel Hodges, Alexis Jankowski, Lillian Kochenderfer, Xander Korte, Blake Lagerholm, Canon Locastro, Cassandra Madden, Nicholas Margiewicz,l Hector Mar-Olguin, Abigail Mendez, Latisha Moore, Carolina Moreno, Stephanie Newburn, Jennifer Nguyen, Thomas Noyes, Samantha Pease, Kayla Piehler, Timothy Polkhovskiy, Brenna Porinchak, Anthony Provau, Samantha Rajala, Taylor Rand, Haylee Rhoads, David Rich, Earl Richards, Zechariah Riddle, Joey Rivera, Teagen Sabo, Kendall Seely, Nikita Slanina, Jade Smoot, Alexis Snyder, Brayden Spain, Alexander Spirk, Hailey Strebel, Sulamita Tatchin, Joel Thame, Jenna Vece, Emalee West, Kaitlyn Williams, Ethan Youmans, Jace Youmans.

North Port High School Principal, Mrs. Shannon Fusco, recognized these students' talent, dedication, and curiosity and their teachers at a special school ceremony planned by the AICE Coordinator, Dr. Margaret Little, and Counselors Christine McKay and Adria Kayser. Further recognitions will be conveyed at the AICE Banquet on April 18, 2022, as these students and their families are acknowledged for their commitment to graduation with a Cambridge AICE Diploma. 

Dr. Margaret Little, Cambridge AICE Coordinator, said, "I am incredibly proud of these North Port High School Cambridge AICE learners for receiving these prestigious honors. To achieve this level of success in such a rigorous program is a testament to the hard work and determination shown by these students and their teachers."

About Cambridge Assessment International Education 

Cambridge Assessment International Education prepares school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. We are part of the University of Cambridge.

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