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Electrical Graduate Thankful for Opportunity to Participate in Tiny House Project


In November 2020, CareerEdge launched a training to assist Suncoast Technical College Students gain hands-on experience in building an eco-friendly tiny home. Students from several of STC’s Industrial Technologies Programs, including Construction, Drafting, Electrician, HVAC, and Plumbing have been participating in a first-of-its-kind project that is now coming close to completion. Of the many students involved, Davidson Jean-Baptiste graduated from the Electrician Program shortly after the tiny house project began.

“I wish the project started sooner because I’m finishing up and graduating as this amazing project is starting. I am so thankful to have been a part of it, even though it was only a small part and for a short amount of time. Though I won’t be able to see its day to day progression, I will definitely come back and see how the tiny house turns out.”

Producing environmentally friendly electricity for the tiny house was Davidson’s predominant contribution. It was also his first hands-on experience working with solar equipment. The experience not only sparked his interest in solar energy, but led him to employment at Brilliant Harvest, a solar power panel installation company where Davidson works today. He was hired shortly after graduating from the electrician program and when asked about his role as an employee instead of student, he was quick to reply, “I didn’t know exactly what to expect but if I compare the STC Program to the actual jobsite, it is pretty much the same. Mr. Usher had so much experience and background information in the field. He informed his students of so many real-life scenarios, including risks and what will be expected of us on job sites. He keeps it ‘pretty real’ so that we are not surprised when we get to the job.”

Davidson was not always certain of his career path. He was introduced to the electrical program when he dual enrolled at STC from North Port High School. Davidson had an interest in construction and enrolled in the STC Carpentry Program.

“I liked carpentry a lot, but when I started working with my uncle doing electrical work, I was intrigued. I also realized that it was something I could do at STC and it was more of my thing.”

After graduating high school, Davidson enrolled at STC as an adult student and found success in the Electrician Program. He says that his uncle was his inspiration and that Mr. Usher was instrumental in preparing him for the job.

The STC Electrician Program covers Electricity, the Theory of Electricity, Electrical Installations, and Construction Utilizing Electrical. One of the greatest parts of the program is its community involvement. It is a very engaging ‘hands-on’ program and it allows students to go at their own pace. The program works hand in hand with Automation, Plumbing, HVAC and Basic Building Technologies. As instructor Adam Usher puts it so eloquently, “We work together, us being the nervous system of every building.”

For more information about the STC Electrician Program, please select the PROGRAMS link at and select Adult Career & Technical Education. You may also contact a school counselor at 941-924-1365 / Ext. 62283.

Article by Laurie Dillon
June 8, 2021