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Dual Enrolled High School Senior Has Everything She Needs to Start Her Career After Graduation

“Because of the Culinary Program at Suncoast Technical College, I am not only going to pursue my passion for cooking, but I am going to further my education in Accounting as well.” Hailey Roberts is high school dual-enrolled senior at STC. Not only is she working toward graduating high school, but she is earning college credit (tuition FREE), toward her chosen profession along the way. “I enrolled at STC through dual enrollment because I knew that I wanted a career in culinary. When I graduate in May, I have everything I need to start my career and I will have saved a lot of money.”

Hailey says she became interested in the field when she began working in the restaurant field at her first job. “I knew right away that this was what I was going to do. I absolutely loved everything about the atmosphere of a busy kitchen and when I realized I could take Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality while I was in high school, I didn’t think twice about it.” Hailey says Chef Knecht’s determination to help his students along with his knowledge about culinary is what makes him so highly respected. She went on to state that, “STC is a great place for both high school and college students to learn, especially if they want to grow in practice and professionalism.”

For more information about STC’s Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality Program (Click Here) or to learn more about STC's High School Dual-Enrollment Program (Click Here), or contact a school counselor at 941-924-1365 / Ext. 62283.

By Laurie Dillon
January 12, 2024