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STC's October Job Fair was a Win-Win for Local Employers and STC Job Seekers

The October 18th job fair at Suncoast Technical College was an amazing success for both job seekers and hiring employers. The event included over 45 local employers and over 300 job seekers. 

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"Every business has graphic design needs. These positions are not normally represented at job fairs, so it was valuable to meet and introduce the digital design program and work toward building partnerships with area businesses. The job fair opened new opportunities for student design projects that otherwise would not have happened." ~STC Digital Design Instructor, Faith Keller

"The STC Job Fair allowed me to network with local businesses and gain a better perspective of what they have to offer in the culinary industry." ~STC Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality Student

"I never realized how important a strong handshake is so I'm really glad I got to practice it at the job fair." ~STC Digital Design Student

"Knowing I could possibly get hired on the spot or get an interview inspired me to get my resume perfect for the job fair. Now that it's done, I feel more confident to present myself to an employer. Thanks STC for hosting this event." ~STC Plumbing Student

As part of the event, STC students were presented with a Soft-Skills Challenge. Students who presented their resume, dressed for success, performed a solid handshake, inquired about benefits, and requested an interview were entered into a raffle. Students had the opportunity to practice their skills and win prizes. Some were offered jobs on the spot and many have interviews lined up.

STC will host another job fair in the spring and is grateful to the participating businesses who made this event so successful.


By Laurie Dillon
October 19, 2023