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I Strongly Recommend Suncoast Technical College To Anyone Considering A Career In Esthetics

Pamela Jagiello has always been a nurturer, offering support, encouragement, and care to anyone who needs it. Her compassionate heart led her to pursue nursing as a career. While working on inpatient acute care units, she found the rewards to be endless. However, Pamela could never have imagined that a trip to the spa for a facial would reignite another passion.

“Funny story, but while I having a facial (which I always thoroughly enjoy), I learned about Suncoast Technical College from my esthetician.” Pamela noted that she has always had an interest in skin care, makeup, and anti-aging, adding that the notion was always followed by, “Maybe in my next life, I’ll be an esthetician”. She was a nurse and hadn’t formally researched or pursued her other passion until this very day at the spa. Immediately following her facial, Pamela went online, submitted the necessary information to Suncoast Technical College and as she put it, “The rest is history.”

The Facials Specialty Program was a perfect fit and what she learned far exceeded her expectations. A new career path was underway and according to Pamela, “Jennifer Priest was invaluable as an esthetics instructor and esthetician. She not only has the knowledge base and passion for skin care, but she genuinely cares about the success of each and every student.” Pamela said that her teaching style reflects her genuine love of esthetics and dedication to the students who rely on her to provide the necessary skills for success in the field. “Jennifer made it clear that she is and will always be a resource and to this day, she continues to offer support and guidance to myself and others in my class.”

To anyone considering a career change or a career start in esthetics, Pamela says to check out Suncoast Technical College. “From the day I registered until my last day of school, the student services staff was helpful, support staff were available, and the environment was consistently positive.” Pamela thoroughly enjoyed her experience, says she recommends STC to anyone and everyone considering it, and looks forward to this next chapter of her life.

For more information about STC's Facials Specialty program, click here or to learn about other CAREER PATH offerings, use the PROGRAMS link above.  

By Laurie Dillon
October 11, 2023