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"Because of you, I saved a life." Student Alum Sends Thank You Letter to Teacher

Upon receiving an unexpected thank you note from her former student, Practical Nursing Instructor Amy Hallett was moved to tears.

Dear Mrs. Hallett,
I want to share a work experience that I had at the hospital.

I recently took care of a patient who had been discharged from another hospital prematurely. Within a few days of his release, the patient experienced some falls and felt very weak. After being re-admitted to the hospital and making great improvements, the patient appeared ready to be moved to a rehab facility. As I helped him get ready for transport, I noticed some drastic changes. He was weak and lying on his side. He was suffering from dyspnea, he was also pale, and very cold to the touch. He complained of extreme pain in his abdomen, but insisted it was gas pain. He was determined to go and adamant that he was fine. 

The sudden change in his condition (within just an hour), was alarming, so I instantly got the provider to reevaluate him. After stat labs, imaging and an EKG were ordered, I did my best to keep him comfortable. My next shift was the following morning and when I asked how he was feeling, the night shift provider told me, "He is alive because of you. You did an amazing job."  The patient had suffered severe complications from a recent hemicolectomy and went straight to the Operating Room after my shift ended. Thankfully, he is doing much better now.

I'm writing to tell you that moments like these make me reflect on the journey that brought me where I am today. And I don't think I can ever fully express my gratitude to you and other STC instructors. Mrs. Scansarole taught me the importance of reading orders thoroughly. Mrs. Burke instilled how imperative it was to have clear documentation. Mrs. McKeown and Ms. Loughridge never doubted my purpose, even when I doubted myself. They taught me to persevere through the hardest of days. Mrs. Selby reassured me to listen to my gut no matter what, and instilled what it meant to make a patient feel both seen and heard. Mrs. Hallett, you showed me how to be confident in myself and in my knowledge. You taught me that I really do know what I'm doing even when I feel like I'm not up to pace. You held my hands as I walked through the finish line. When life took unforseeable turns and it would have been easier for me to give up, you wouldn't let me. 

It is because of you that I was able to save a life yesterday. Thank you for believing in me.

Please share this with the other STC Nursing Instructors.

Thank you,



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February 16, 2023