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I Work for Myself and I Wouldn't Have it Any Other Way

Born and raised in Sarasota, Taylor Miller dreamt of being a hairstylist for as long as she could remember. With a knack for hair and the desire to become a professional hairdresser, she enrolled in the Cosmetology Program at Suncoast Technical College shortly after graduating from high school.

“I always knew that this was what I wanted to do so it was a huge blessing to have STC, this amazing facility, right here in my own hometown!”

Taylor says the program truly prepared her for the field, stating that “Working on actual clients in a real life setting as a student, provided me with so much more than just hairdressing skills. It was an opportunity to practice what I learned, showcase my abilities, enhance my communication skills and ultimately build my confidence.” The Cutting Edge Salon, located on the Suncoast Technical College Sarasota Campus provides students the opportunity to work with members of the public through a variety of salon services. In addition to the Cutting Edge Salon, Taylor says that the instructors, especially Miss Carroll, were inspirational to her success.

“Miss Carroll was our biggest fan. She was extremely passionate about what we were doing and certainly inspirational in making this so much more than just a job. She’s been doing it a long time and though I feel like I am fulfilling my dream, it is obvious that she is still fulfilling hers. Enthusiasm and dedication like hers is what I think every student needs from their instructors.”

While enrolled at STC, Taylor also spent a good deal of time at her cousin’s salon. She assisted in all aspects of the business, allowing her to have even more hands-on experience with clients as well as to learn the ins and outs of running a successful business. Upon graduating from STC in 2018, Taylor wasted no time in starting her career and building a large clientele. She is currently so busy that appointments must be scheduled months in advance. Taylor specializes in blonding (highlights, balayage, etc.). She also provides an array of hairstyling services across the board and says, “Being a hairstylist is more than just a profession to me. I truly love enhancing the beauty of others through hair.” She also stated that in addition to having a genuine passion for her profession, she loves being her own boss.

“I make my own hours. I set my own prices. I work for myself and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

For more information about the STC Cosmetology Program, please visit our PROGRAM link at or contact a school counselor at 941-924-1365 / Ext. 62283


January 18, 2022

By Laurie Dillon