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Carpentry Program Provides Skills for Future

Shane Russel always had an interest in woodworking. It was something he often wished he had more time to learn and do. But, like most, the demands of work and life took precedence, leaving little time in the day for things like hobbies and dreams. One morning, on a complete whim, Shane went online, Googled Carpentry Programs, and was instantly directed to Suncoast Technical College’s North Port Branch. “I’ve always wanted to pursue carpentry and it was really convenient since I live so close to campus. I’m not really an impulsive person but I applied right away because the program gave me the freedom to go to school and keep my job. It was perfect.”

Though Shane’s only had a few months of instruction under his belt, he is certain that the skills and knowledge he is gaining will be used throughout his life. His path to success has so far included operating power tools like miter saws and table saws, as well as using nails guns and jigsaws. “I had zero experience in Carpentry. I had zero experience in building anything. But thanks to STC, within a week and a half, I was safely working in the shop learning how to use a variety of tools. After just two months, I knew exactly how to use each tool safely and effectively.”

Shane says that every day he is learning something new or building on a skill he has already learned. “The best part about this class is the learning environment. Everything is hands on. I can safely learn from my mistakes, and I am also learning how to best start and finish each project in a good time frame. It’s all extremely valuable.” The STC Carpentry Program not only helps develop important skills for the trade, but also for everyday life. With higher construction costs, more people are looking at investing in their own home rather than renting one. This increases the demand for carpenters. The Carpentry program at Suncoast Technical College North Port Branch is dedicated to helping the community in meeting this demand.

In the field of Carpentry there are many different career paths a person can take. From construction carpenters, finish carpenters, counter installers and more, Shane’s interest lies in the finishing career options. “I’m not really sure what I want to do after graduation just yet, but I’m leaning more towards finishing work and cabinetry.”

When asked what advice he would give to others looking into enrolling in this program, Shane says, “I’ve learned more here in the first two months than I’ve learned at any other school. I graduated from high school and went to a traditional college for one semester, but it wasn’t what I thought it would be. I say if you come here and meet Moose and the other students, this program will speak for itself.”


For more information about the STC Carpentry Program, please click HERE or contact the North Port Branch at (941) 257-2252

Micah Crosby, Marketing and Communications Manager
941-924-1365 x62247