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Returning to STC for a New Career

Returning to STC for a New Career

“Every opportunity not taken is an opportunity for regret.”

Alex Mathis is a student who has learned what it takes to be successful in life. When he was just 16 years old, Alex began his journey at Suncoast Technical College by dual enrolling in the Drafting program so that he could better prepare himself for an Engineering degree after graduation. “I always loved architecture but didn’t pay as much attention as I could have in drafting. I did well in the class, but it wasn’t until after graduation that I realized how valuable the class could be.”

After graduation, he went onto college but found himself struggling with the high-level math. Realizing he needed to re-evaluate his options, he decided to take a different path. Remembering his positive experience at STC, he decided to return to Sarasota and enrolled in the Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology, taught by Mr. Jacob Lasorso. “The partnerships that each program has definitely helped me learn necessary skills and network with people in the industry.” Each program has community and business partnerships and students are given an opportunity to tour businesses, work with the most up-to-date machinery, and learn the skills that employers want to see from graduates.

Realizing that he wanted to develop his skills even further, Alex applied for the CNC Production program. “I was given a lot of insight into how the industries work. Mr. Lasorso specifically gave me more confidence to take opportunities that I might not feel completely ready for because the projects that I’ve completed and all that I’ve learned demonstrate that I am qualified.”

While learning a new skill is difficult, it can be even more challenging during a pandemic. “I had just left college and even though there may have only been 30 students in my college classes, the professor was very general and didn’t take the time to get to know the students.” According to Alex, Mr. Lasorso had a completely different approach when it came to teaching stating that his STC Instructor made it a point to learn about his students interests and career goals. “Mr. Lasorso’s methods help him develop projects that are engaging and aligned to each student’s specific goals. He helps prepare students for the workforce or to continue their education further after graduation.”

Alex also learned the importance of networking and making connections with others. He noted that if his instructor was unsure of something, he never hesitated to reach out to other instructors to be certain they got the correct answer. STC Instructors are all collaborative, working together under the Industrial Technologies Umbrella. Alex feels that the training and mentorship he received in the Advanced Manufacturing and Production Technology Program along with the collaborative instruction between all of the Industrial Technologies Programs has really benefitted him.

“The training that I received from all three programs has prepared me for several different industries, so I have an edge over other applicants.”

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