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VOTE MARCH 8, 2022

On March 8, 2022, the 1 mill referendum is up for renewal. Renewing this voter-approved referendum will not increase taxes for Sarasota County residents, as the 1 mill has been in place since 2002. Renewing the referendum will help our district keep the additional 30 minutes of instruction per school day – 18 extra days each year – and pay for teacher salaries and fund sports, music & arts programs, among other vital priorities for our schools. When a child completes all 13 grades in Sarasota County, they will have received an additional one year of instruction because of the extra 30 minutes of classroom time per school day. 

Sarasota County Schools has earned an "A" rating from the Florida Department of Education every year since grading began in 2004. Funding from the referendum helps support our A-rated district and strong school communities. Referendum dollars can only be spent on students in our district. This additional funding allows us to continue our commitment to closing the achievement gap, avoiding the summer slide, recruiting and retaining outstanding teachers, upholding strong graduation rates and enhancing the safety and security of our schools. We can also hire additional staff to support our students and teachers, including clerical positions, aides, school counselors and more. 

Again, the referendum will not increase taxes as has been in place since 2002. 

Residents must register to vote by February 7, 2022. 

The voting day is March 8, 2022. 

Learn more about the referendum and how funds are allocated to our fantastic schools at


Two elementary aged students are looking at laptop while working on a robotic project. The #Keep The A logo is in the bottom.