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SPHS and My Coke Rewards Program!

SPHS would like your support! Coca-Cola has joined the “My Coke Rewards” program.

Click here for informational flyer.

The school will receive money for every single Coke Code redeemed.

There is no limit, so the more Codes we collect, the more money our school earns!

Everyone can help collect codes: teachers, parents, grandparents, students, friends.

Boxes will be placed in each of the quads when we return back from Spring Break.

Parents and students can also drop off Official Codes in the front office or in Mrs. Gleason’s Classroom.

My Coke Rewards information will be on the TV’s, SPHS website, & social media.

If you or a student has any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Gleason or Ms. Carcifero


 Where do I find the codes at???? 

  • Under the caps of a 2 liter or a 12 oz Coke product  
  • 12 & 24 packs are under the flap
  • 32 packs are under the plastic wrap on the bottom