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Booker High VPA graduate Mona Pirnot is making news on the big stage

SARASOTA COUNTY, April 4, 2022 –  Booker High School VPA Alum Mona Pirnot has been featured in the Washington Post for her new play, "Private." 

"In "Private," Pirnot has created a world very much like our own, except that surveillance has become so pervasive that privacy is a commodity that can be purchased or bargained away in negotiations with employers, spouses and/or Big Tech. The relationship that Pirnot examines is between Corbin (Eric Berryman), a frustrated engineer, and Georgia (Temídayo Amay), a frustrated artist. When Corbin lands the job of his dreams, Georgia is able to quit her day job and concentrate on music. What Corbin hasn't told her is that he has given up all rights to the couple's privacy as a condition of employment." 

Mona Pirnot is an NYC-based playwright and songwriter. She is a current member of EST/Youngblood. Plays include Private (2022 Mosaic Theater, 2022 Mirrorbox Theatre, 2019 Kilroys List) and Offshore Clinical Trials (2019 EST/Sloan commission.) Her work has been produced by or developed with Ensemble Studio Theatre, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Premiere Stages, Mile Square Theatre and Hecht Studio Theatre. Selected monologues are published in In Performance, Contemporary Monologues for Teens (Hal Leonard.) She was the 2014-15 Literary Fellow at Center Theatre Group and Williamstown Theatre Festival's 2019 Playwright in Residence.

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