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School Updates from Principal Jackson

VHS Update - May 19, 2020

Good Morning Venice High School’s Class of 2020 and Families,


Thank you for a great turn out at our Cap and Gown Pickup Event yesterday afternoon. It was great to see you in person as it has been a while. Many teachers came out to cheer you on and recognize your milestone accomplishment. If you were unable to pick up your cap and gown or drop off books, laptop, or pick up personal items, you may do so next week on Wednesday, May 27th, Thursday, May 28th from 10 am-2 pm, or Friday, May 29th from 4 pm-7 pm in the front loop.


Looking ahead, I have exciting end-of-year details to share:


  • We are in the process of finalizing an agreement with Cool Today Park to host this year’s live graduation. This venue will allow us to host a live graduation ceremony under CDC guidelines.
  • Graduation Ceremony, Thursday, July 16th at 8 pm @ Cool Today Park
  • Please do not decorate caps
  • The event will be streamed live
  • Graduation Rehearsal, Wednesday, July 15th at 4 pm @ Cool Today Park
  • (4) Tickets will be distributed per graduate at rehearsal (limits dependent on CDC guidelines)
  • Virtual Graduation. We are in the process of preparing a Virtual Graduation as well. It will be released on graduation day.
  • Senior Dance has been scheduled for July 18th – details to follow
  • Yearbook pick up front loop week of July 20th – details to follow


If you have an outstanding financial obligation, a statement will be mailed to you. Please fulfill your financial obligation before July 15th.


Thank you for your efforts to finish your high school experience on a strong and positive note. We are so proud of what you have accomplished. The Class of 2020 will forever be remembered…


Take care and stay healthy!


Eric Jackson

Principal, Venice High School

VHS Update- May 1

Good Afternoon VHS Families,

I hope this message finds you well and that you are staying healthy. If you have been following the news, you are aware of Governor DeSantis’ update regarding COVID – 19 restrictions. “The restrictions, which have been in place since early April will be lifted "in a very measured, thoughtful, and data-driven way." Under phase one, schools will remain closed until further notice.

In case you didn’t know, Teacher Appreciation Week begins Monday, May 4. Every day, Venice High School teachers and staff provide so much to our students—inspiration, motivation, and ultimately, their futures. Families entrust their children to us knowing our staff plays a critical role in educating and shaping their lives. Next week serves as an opportunity to recognize our teachers for their contributions to the lives of our students. 

Here are some additional updates and items of information I’d like to share with you.

  • Graduation has been conditionally re-scheduled for July 16th. We are in the process of making the necessary arrangements for a live and in-person graduation. We are considering options for an appropriate venue that will allow us to conduct the ceremony safely. Graduation will be subject to cancellation pending the most current CDC guidelines and guidance from the Department of Health. I will keep you updated as I have more information to share.
  • We are also planning a digital graduation that will be posted immediately after graduation on our website. This will ensure that all students, even those who will not be able to participate in July due to prior commitments involving the military, college, working in another state, etc. will be part of a graduation celebration.
  • We are looking into the possibility of hosting a senior dance in July. Again, this is subject to the most current CDC guidelines and guidance from the Department of Health. Stay tuned.
  • We are finalizing a plan for locker cleanout that includes picking up personal belongings, textbooks, laptop return, band equipment, etc. Details will be forthcoming very soon.
  • If your child is receiving paper packets, their respective teachers will continue to communicate for attendance purposes and provide support.
  • Please continue to monitor your student’s progress through either Parent Portal, APEX, or Blackboard.
  • During the week of May 26- May 29, "Staff will connect with every child who has not satisfactorily completed their assignments.  Staff will continue to provide "intensive tutoring" and remediation for students in need.


On behalf of the Venice High School staff, please know that we are all committed to following through with quality end-of-year experiences for our students. We will keep you updated with important information and updates. We are so proud of our students’ efforts to make the most of these unique and challenging times. As for the here and now, please continue to stay on top of your school work and finish the year strong.

I hope everyone enjoys a relaxing weekend!



Eric Jackson

Principal, Venice High School



VHS Update April 24

Video from Principal Jackson for Class of 2020


VHS Update April 16

Dear VHS Families and Students,

I hope this school update finds you all well and healthy. Now that we have fully immersed ourselves in remote learning, I want you to know that all VHS students are surrounded by support. No matter the challenges we face or the difficulties we encounter, your teachers, counselors, and support staff will continue to work tirelessly to help your child move forward educationally. If you know of anyone who is still experiencing issues with internet or computer access, please communicate that information to one of your teachers so we may assist.

Effective Friday, April 17th, attendance will be reflected in the Parent Portal weekly. If your child has not logged in and/or communicated with their teacher and completed their academic assignments, s/he will be marked absent for that class period on Friday of each week. Absences will generate automated phone calls to parents. If you would like to monitor the progress of your children, please check through the district’s Parent Portal.

Our teachers’ primary approach to communication with students is through their school-issued email account. Each student is given a school email account using their “N number”. Please ensure that your child is checking that email as frequently as possible through the website.

These are unchartered waters. We appreciate your ongoing patience and support as our teachers strive to provide quality remote learning experiences. Together, we will continue to move forward with patience and compassion to best support each student.

Eric Jackson
Principal, Venice High School



Video from Principal Jackson


Good Afternoon Venice High School Families,

I hope everyone has remained safe and healthy during your time away. These are unprecedented times and I want to thank you for your patience. Please know Venice High School staff are here to help. I encourage you to reach out to me via email if you have any concerns or feedback that will best support the needs of your family.

Through the Developing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regulations and Governor’s orders, please know that your child’s safety and academic pursuits remain our collective focus as we move into the 4th quarter. Your child has worked diligently for three quarters towards earning credits in various classes; please know that we are working just as hard to support them in their goal towards graduation and earning said credits. This includes our International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement students with May testing.

In terms of establishing some continuity for the remainder of the school year, the district will be rolling out the Instructional Continuity for Academic Needs (ICAN) plan effective Monday, March 30th.  Teachers will be receiving training to provide distance learning on a variety of district supported platforms. If teachers have not already taken the time to reach out to students, they will plan to do so beginning next week. Also, the district has been in contact with Comcast.  Their Internet Essentials program is available to anyone who needs internet connectivity in Comcast service areas.  Throughout this week, both district and school-level leaders and personnel will be working hard towards making our upcoming online learning approach a positive and successful experience for your child. Our Venice staff has reached out throughout break asking how to help our families.

Please go to as quickly as possible to begin the connection process. If you need a laptop, please let the school district know by completing the Mobile Device Needs Survey, found at The district recently sent out an email discussing the transition to online learning for all our students. Please fill out an online survey if you require any technological devices (and/or internet). This week, the district has come together to design a plan that can work with all our learners as well as support families as they help their children through the challenges and opportunities of distance learning.

Currently, all sports, practices, banquets and any other school-related events are canceled until Venice High School re-opens.

Additionally, be sure to pay attention to your email, calls from the district, the district website, and follow the Facebook page for Sarasota County Schools for all pertinent and up to date information.

Here are a few key points that have been communicated from the district/state this week:

  • The Florida Department of Education has canceled all state testing.
  • Schools will not reopen until at least April 15.
  • Any/all children 18 or under will be provided meals (lunch as well as breakfast for the next morning) starting on Monday, March 23. The meal service will run Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. each week until schools reopen. Children must be in the car for parents and guardians to receive a meal.  The following locations will be open for drive-up meal service:

Booker High School – 3201 North Orange Avenue
Fruitville Elementary School – 601 Honore Avenue
Garden Elementary School -700 Center Road, Venice
North Port High School – 6400 West Price Blvd, North Port
Atwater Elementary School – 4701 Huntsville Ave, North Port

Venice has an incredible school community.  We are in this together, and we will get through this together! I will continue to provide updated information as we receive it. Please enjoy the rest of your time away. Stay safe and healthy! Hopefully, we will be back together soon. 


Eric Jackson



Greetings VHS Families,

Teachers will participate in two days of training that begins on March 30. Upon the completion of the training, teachers will begin to contact all families to ensure our students have access to the internet and digital devices. Once online instruction begins, teachers will begin posting assignments for the week, maintaining a daily presence with students, providing frequent feedback to students, and keeping families apprised of progress. Your teachers will pick from one of three online platforms to deliver instruction:
1. Blackboard LEARN (This is a platform that many teachers already use within their classrooms and can be found on the student page on the Sarasota County Schools website through MYSCS.)
2. TEAMS (This is a Microsoft application that can be found in MYSCS.)
3. Apex (This is a platform that many core classes will be using in which the content is loaded for the 4th quarter and students and parents can track progress and it also available on MYSCS.)

Our teachers will use a variety of resources to deliver lessons: video chats, video lessons and virtual office hours for students. Along with the development of content-specific lessons, many teachers will also provide students with online programs and resources intended to support their learning. Among these include Khan Academy, CPALMS, Big Ideas, Math Nation, Albert IO, and USA Test Prep. All of these resources are available to students through the MYSCS application. If you have a student with an IEP or 504 plan, I encourage you to reach out to teachers, school counselors, and/or liaison to work with them to see how best to support your child.

Students, our goal is to help you earn all of your credits for this year. Please know that the 4th quarter work does count in the overall semester and final grade. Therefore, you will need to complete your 4th quarter curriculum successfully. Regular communication with your teachers is essential! I encourage you to check your outlook email via MYSCS. Connect with your teachers if you have not heard from them, please feel free to email. For any students that have technology needs, the district sent specific directions to families for pickup locations starting today. Your "n" number has an email address attached to it, which is provided by Sarasota County Schools. Please go to MYSCS, click on Office 365 and then go to Outlook. If you have trouble with Outlook, email me and I will create a help ticket for you to get it resolved quickly.

Families, please know that our district has listed several ways in which you may receive support in a variety of ways. Please refer to the listing below:

Crisis Text Line:
• HERE4U to 741741

Food Assistance
• Sarasota County Schools Meal Sites (open 9 am- 1 pm) are open at several sites: Please see the District website
• All Faiths Food Bank:
• Englewood Helping Hands: 941-474-5864
• Free and Reduced Lunch Application:

Free Internet Access
• Internet Essentials:
In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency, Internet Essentials has increased speeds to 25/3 Mbps for all customers - no action is required.

Health Care
• Center Place Health: All can be seen regardless of ability to pay.

Housing Assistance
Suncoast 2-1-1:
• By Phone: Dial 2-1-

Mental Health Resources
• Emergency: 9-1-1
• Crisis Text Line: HERE4U to 741741
• Centerstone:
Address: 4010 Sawyer Road, Sarasota
Phone: (941) 782-4150
• First Step/Coastal:
Address: 4579 Northgate Court, Sarasota
Phone: (941) 366-5333
• Florida Center:
Sarasota Address: 4260 17th Street, Sarasota, FL 34235
Phone: (941) 371-8820 ext. 1000
North Port Address: 6929 Outreach Way, North Port, FL 34287
Phone: (941) 371-8820 ext. 1000
• Bayside:
Address: 1650 Osprey Ave., Sarasota
Phone: (941) 917-7760

Thank you all for your patience and flexibility during our transition to distance learning. We will strive to ensure every student receives a quality learning experience. I want to assure you that our staff will be very flexible as we problem-solve each situation that may arise. We will support all students and families to prevent any potential barriers to learning. Please contact me with any questions or feedback you may have. I will do my best to respond promptly. Please stay safe and enjoy this time with your loved ones.


Eric Jackson
VHS Principal