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Class of 2023 Senior Photo Information

The summer dates for Senior Photos are Thursday, July 21st and Friday, July 22nd. 

**The website does NOT open for scheduling until 2-weeks before the picture dates.  

    The times are 9:00am - 3:00pm. Registration opens on July 7th and is first come first serve. Please visit Use the "Find My Access Code" button and enter your last name and N#. Once you have an access code, you can go in and schedule. 

Our school code is 700515

Senior Formal Photo:

     Boys:  Leonards provides the tuxedo. You need to wear a plain, collarless, light-colored t-shirt.

     Ladies:  We provide the black drape (it comes to the shoulder) so bring a strapless top or a tank top with straps that can easily be slipped down. Leonards also supplies a strand of white pearls, but feel free to wear your own jewelry. 


    *If they have any questions, they can contact Leonard's Customer Service at 1-888-224-5045 or