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District Recognizes 2020 Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! – January 27-31

SARASOTA COUNTY – - The foundation for reading begins at birth, as a child’s early experiences with books and language lay the groundwork for future success in learning to read. When parents read, talk or play with their children, their brains are stimulated and build connections that become the building blocks for reading. A targeted emphasis on early literacy skill-building enables children to deepen their natural curiosity, and cultivates a sense of discovery fulfilled through reading.

The 12th annual Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! initiative is brought to you by the Florida Department of Education in partnership with the Office of Early Learning throughout Florida. This year’s theme is BOOK Your Trip! Adventure Awaits – schools throughout the State have been encouraged to spread the love of reading and the importance of literacy by creating interactive and engaging experiences for students of all ages. Sarasota County Schools is proud to support this initiative, and encourages all families in Sarasota County to find a way to create their own literary adventures this week as well!



For questions, or to learn more about specific events that may be scheduled, please contact your child’s school.