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Congratulations Dr. Owen Bradley - NPHS Teacher of the Year Winner

Dr. Bradley opened our school in 2001 and began the journey to a superior rated band.  At the time, he had a rough field and a small group of 25 students, many of whom had never played an instrument before, but he had the vision, determination and grit to get North Port High School the recognition we deserved.  Today, in 2021, we have a band of over 150 students, have taken straight superiors for over 18 years in endless competitions, and have travelled throughout the country and Florida and most recently in 2019 our trip to Rome, Italy to play in the New Year’s Day parade.  Thanks to his dedication, passion and vision, we are among the most highly regarded bands in the state and recently became a VPA magnet school and are being honored as a Florida Arts Model School.  Dr. Bradley’s work is truly behind everyone of those accolades. 

~Julie King