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Congratulations Ms. Elysia Lord - NPHS Teacher of the Year Winner

NPHS is very proud to announce Elysia Lord as the Teacher of the Year for the 2022-23 school year. Ms. Lord began at NPHS almost ten years ago as a long-term sub who was rapidly hired. She is certified in multiple teaching areas with great diversity from English to Computer Science and Engineering. While this combination speaks to her great personal talent, it also enhances her ability to support literacy and technology integration across the curriculum.

Ms. Lord moved from the English/ Reading Department this year into the Engineering Department, and she continues to teach and run the school’s Yearbook and Newspaper classes and produce the school television news programs each morning. She supports our staff at large and our first-year teachers with educational technology assistance and has presented many professional developments and learning sessions in her areas of expertise. In the afternoons, Ms. Lord sponsors a club and organizes photography assistance for multiple programs on our campus.

Thank you to Ms. Lord for accepting her award during the back to school

She truly represents what it means to be a North Port High School Bobcat!!