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Good afternoon North Port parents:


Good evening North Port High families; this is AP Shannon Fusco calling to make you aware of an upcoming Social and Emotional Learning lesson that will be presented to students later this week. This is part of the State-required mental health awareness education for students. Instructors will be guiding students through an educational module about sadness vs. depression. Topics will include general signs/symptoms of sadness vs. depression, how to recognize and process feelings, and how to encourage yourself and others to get help.  Students will start the module by watching a brief film which depicts four different student-age actors dealing with varying signs and symptoms of sadness and/or depression. Instructors will then lead students in a group discussion about what they observed and learned from the film.  We recognize that everyone approaches the subject of wellness and mental health awareness differently, and wanted to be sure you were aware of this opportunity to discuss  this module with your child. If you have any questions, please call administration, and we’ll be happy to speak with you about the lesson. Plans have also been made for any student whose parent wishes them to opt out.  We appreciate your continued partnership to ensure the wellbeing of our students and school communities!