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Updates to the COVID-19 Dashboard

October 6, 2020 - 2:30 PM


Good afternoon employees & families,

In an effort to continue to transparently report our COVID-19 cases with our team members, families, and the community at-large, Sarasota County Schools has made several updates to its existing COVID-19 Dashboard. The dashboard, which will still be easily accessible 24/7 at the top of, will now show the number of new positive and quarantined cases for the past 48 hours. In addition, the dashboard will show current isolations (those who have tested positive and have been excluded from school/work) and quarantines (those who have been sent home as contacts of positive cases), as well as the running total of positive cases and quarantines since the first day of school (August 31st). These details will still be broken down by school vs. worksite as well as employee vs. student. Schools not displayed on the dashboard have not had a case since August 31st.

The district’s dashboard will be updated daily – every Monday through Friday – at 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM. Cases will still be displayed on the dashboard as the district is notified by the Department of Health (DOH). Please note, there may be a delay between the time the district is notified by the DOH and the time the data is entered into the dashboard. Additionally, a parent/guardian may receive notification from the school (or an employee from their supervisor) prior to data being entered and displayed on the dashboard. Charter school case reporting is still not reflected in the district’s COVID-19 Dashboard total; however, there is now a link on the district’s dashboard to the available, individual charter school COVID-19 dashboards.

Thank you to all our employees, families, and community members who have shared their opinions & thoughts about the district’s COVID-19 Dashboard. We are striving to make this as helpful a resource as possible and truly appreciate your suggestions and feedback.

–Sarasota County Schools