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Virtual Instruction Options

SARASOTA COUNTY, March 1, 2022 – Sarasota County Schools offers K-12 students access to instruction through online learning. There are several virtual education options for part-time and full-time learning experiences. Listed below are several virtual instruction options available to students residing in Sarasota County. If you would like to learn more about any of the following options, reach out to your child's school counselor.

Sarasota County School District Public K thru 12 Virtual Instruction Options

Sarasota Virtual School Full Time (SVS FT)

Sarasota Virtual School (SCS) FT is an asynchronous virtual learning environment where students and teachers are separated by time, space or both. In compliance with state statute 1002.45, SVS FT is a free public online school that serves K-12 students. Students attending SVS FT must follow all Sarasota County School Board policies, daily attendance requirements, the District School Calendar, as well as all rules, guidelines and procedures that are specified in the Sarasota County Student and Family Handbook and the Student Progression Plan based on the student's assigned school level (elementary, middle and high). Students enrolled in SVS FT must take all required state and district assessments on the dates, times, and at the location designated by SVS.

Sarasota County Schools contracts with a state-approved curriculum vendor to provide instruction for full-time SVS students with instructors who are highly qualified, certified teachers, as defined by the Federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law, and offers curricula and content which comply with state standards. According to state statute, SVS FT students may access lessons, assignments and assessments through the Internet, and teachers can communicate electronically with students and parents. 

SVS FT meets all Florida public school standards and requirements and receives a school grade along with all Florida schools. SVS FT students completing graduation requirements earn a standard high school diploma.

Interested families must complete the online application (posted on the SVS website during the open enrollment window), and students are subject to academic review before acceptance. Parents of students in special programs are advised to carefully consider a virtual instruction option's appropriateness and ensure that the student is in the least restrictive environment. To determine the suitability of the full-time virtual learning environment for a student with an Individual Education Plan (IEP), a 504 Accommodation Plan, or an English Language Learner Plan (ELL), a meeting shall occur with the student, parent/guardian, the SVS administrator and the Academic Advisor, and appropriate staff members from the sending school and/or district Exceptional Student Education Department before enrolling.

The annual open enrollment period ends 30 days before the first day of each school year and will be available to students seeking to enroll in SVS FT.

**The enrollment window for the 2022-2023 school year opens on April 4, 2022 and closes on July 14, 2022**

For more information regarding full-time virtual instruction, please contact the Sarasota Virtual School office (941) 924-1365, ext. 62338 or visit

Sarasota Virtual Academy (SVA) – Part Time Course Offerings

Sarasota Virtual Academy (SVA) is a free online program that serves students in Sarasota County by offering middle and high school courses on an ala carte basis. To enroll in SVA classes, students must already be enrolled in a Sarasota County brick and mortar middle or high school, including traditional and charter schools, or the school district Home Education Program (home school). Students are permitted to take up to 3 classes per year thru SVA as part of their regular school schedule or as additional classes above and beyond their brick and mortar classes.

SVA is the school district version of FLVS flex. SVA students use the same content and curriculum as FLVS, but their instructor will be a certified Sarasota County Schools teacher. Having access to a local teacher offers many advantages. In addition to providing opportunities for face-to-face interaction with students, SVA teachers have strong working relationships with staff, faculty and administrators at the district school where the student is enrolled full time. They also know Sarasota County School Board policies, procedures, and guidelines, which help support all SVA students' academic success during their virtual learning experience.

SVA is a year-round program and offers continuous rolling enrollment throughout the school year and summer. Students have 24/7 access to their courses from any Internet-connected computer. The online instructor is available Monday through Friday with available office hours that vary by teacher.

To learn more about this virtual instruction option, parents should speak with their child's school counselor or contact the SVA Program Manager at (941) 924-1365, ext. 62360 Monday through Friday between 8:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. You may also visit the SVA website at

**The following two options are operated independently and outside of the Sarasota County School District**

Florida Virtual School Full Time (FLVS FT) Public School

Florida Virtual School Full Time (FLVS FT) is an online public school district with an accredited school that serves students in grades K through 12.

Parents interested in this virtual option may contact FLVS FT* directly at (800) 382-6010 to get additional information regarding the program and enrolling. You may also visit the FLVS website at

*Families who choose the FLVS FT option are electing to withdraw from the Sarasota County School District and enroll directly in the Florida Virtual school district

Florida Virtual School Part-Time Program (FLVS "Flex")

Florida Virtual School Part-Time Program offers flexible and free online elementary, middle and high school courses students can take part-time while attending a traditional brick and mortar school. Like SVA part-time course offerings, access to FLVS flex classes requires students to be enrolled in a brick and mortar elementary, middle, or high school, including traditional and charter schools, or the school district Home Education Program (home school). 

To learn more about FLVS Flex course offerings, you may visit or call (800) 374-1430.