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Sarasota County School Board Appoints Mitsi Corcoran as Interim Superintendent

SARASOTA COUNTY, December 10, 2019 – The Sarasota County School Board appointed assistant superintendent, chief financial officer, Mitsi Corcoran, as interim superintendent at Sarasota County Schools, pending a final contract. Ms. Corcoran was appointed as acting superintendent on November 19 to serve on a short-term basis. Ms. Corcoran will fulfill the dual role of interim superintendent and CFO until a permanent superintendent is hired this coming year.

Ms. Corcoran, a Certified Public Accountant, has served as the chief financial officer of Sarasota County Schools since 2007. Prior to her tenure with the school district, she served ten years with the Sarasota County Government as the general manager of financial services with the County Commission and with the Clerk of the Circuit Court Finance Division. Ms. Corcoran is a past president of the Florida School Finance Officers Association and she currently serves on the State Finance Council working with the Department of Education’s financial leaders on policy and best practices.