• Florida Law Enforcement Academy (P430105)

Course Sequence

NOTE: OCP-A earned AFTER completion of ALL Florida Law Enforcement Courses
OCP Course # Course Title Length
A CJK0002 Intro to Law Enforcement 12 hours
CJK0016 Communication 24 hours
CJK0018 Legal 64 hours
CJK0019 Interviewing and Report Writing 56 hours
CJK0063 Fundamentals of Patrol 40 hours
CJK0021 Serving Your Community 34 hours
CJK0072 Crimes Against Persons 48 hours
CJK0073 Crimes Involving Property and Society 12 hours
CJK0079 Crime Scene Follow-up Investigations 34 hours
CJK0400 Traffic Incidents 12 hours
CJK0401 Traffic Stops 24 hours
CJK0402 Traffic Crash Investigations 30 hours
CJK0403 DUI Traffic Stops 24 hours
CJK0093 Critical Incidents 44 hours
CJK0020 Law Enforcement Vehicle Operations 48 hours
CJK0031 First Aid for Criminal Justice Officers 40 hours
CJK0040 Criminal Justice Firearms 80 hours
CJK0051 Criminal Justice Defensive Tactics 80 hours
CJK0421 Conducted Electrical Weapon/Dart-Firing Stun Gun 4 hours
CJK0096 Criminal Justice Officer Physical Fitness Training/Law Enforcement 60 hours
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