Venice Elementary School loves our volunteers.  In a continued effort to keep our children as safe as possible volunteer guidelines have been modified by the PALS office.

Every person on campus must be screened through the RAPTOR system.  It is REQUIRED with EVERY visit on our campus.  The office staff will be responsible for this process.

Those who wish to volunteer must complete a Level 1 Criminal Background Screening.  These volunteers must be in direct sight/ hearing of school staff.  Level 1 screenings are completed through the PALS computer located in the front office.  Level 1 clearance includes assisting a teacher in the classroom, working in the office etc, assisting at a school event, tutoring a student in the classroom, and some daytime field trips.

Level 2 Criminal Background Screening is required of any volunteer that works with students in an unsupervised setting.  Level 2 screening requires a FBI fingerprint check through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  There is a $38 fee for this background check.  This screening will remain valid as long as the volunteer is active and approved through PALS.  Level 2 volunteers work with students in a setting not continually supervised by school staff, transport students other than their own, are chaperones that are not in constant supervision of school staff, and chaperones of overnight trips.

To schedule a Level 2 appointment please call the PALS office at 

(941)-927-9000 ext. 31500.  

If you think we may be involved in an activity that requires a Level 2 screening, please don't delay in making an appointment.  It does take several weeks to obtain clearance.  No one will be permitted to participate without the proper clearance.  No exceptions!

Chaperones on daytime field trips must be at least 21 for elementary aged students.  Chaperones on overnight field trips must be at least 25 for all aged students.Volunteers are IMPORTANT at Venice Elementary.  Please take an opportunity to see if there are opportunities that you can assist the activities/ events at our school.  Remember all volunteers must be registered in the PALS system.  It is an easy process that can be completed at the computer in the school office.