2018-2019 Student Accident Insurance

The Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company will insure the voluntary Student Accident Insurance program for 2018-2019. The servicing agent is School Insurance of Florida, Inc., P.O. Box 784268, Winter Garden, FL 34778-4268, telephone number 1-800-432-6915.

The costs of the plans are as follows:

24 Hour Coverage            $45.00                     

School Time Coverage      $15.00               

A brochure containing information will be sent home at the beginning of the school year. You may also access more information at https://schoolinsuranceofflorida.com/pages/parent_pages/9010/.

1/23/2019 - Mileage Club

1/23/2019 - DQ TRS Library fundraiser

1/25/2019 - Jog-a-thon

1/28/2019 - Mileage Club

1/30/2019 - Mileage Club

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